TEN renews Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation

talkin bout On set Shaun 2EXCLUSIVE: TEN has renewed its hit panel series Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation for second season.

Production wrapped last night in Melbourne on the 2009 season, extended to 17 episodes, with a cross-network and themed episode featuring Kerri Anne Kennerley, Wil Anderson and Josh Lawson.

TEN Programmer David Mott announced the news to cast and crew at a wrap party.

“Shows come and go, but clearly this one has struck a chord with the Australian public. I can talk about ratings, and yes it averaged over 1.6million people -fantastic.

“But I think one of the things is it has brought families back together in the living room. And for us that’s really important, because it’s so much harder to get kids, families. I’ve got three kids, and it’s really hard to get them in the same room at the same time. This is the one show that does it.

“I don’t think we’ve responded so quickly to a format before and I think that just goes to show what a great format it is,” he said.

Mott congratulated Executive Producers Leonie Lowe, Peter Beck and the team from Granada.

“With formats these days it’s quite easy for an Australian production company to go ‘ok here’s a format from overseas’ but the fact these guys developed the format in house in this country, says a lot about the strength of Granada.”

The series hosted by Shaun Micallef and featuring Amanda Keller, Charlie Pickering and Josh Thomas has been one of the success stories of a rejuvenated network.

Whilst he wouldn’t be drawn on how many episodes it will have in its second season, Mott did announce a Christmas episode to be filmed later this year.


  1. @Lynda – Shaun Micallef (if you bothered to read the article) is the show!!!
    Its not Sale Of The Century…..its a comedy quiz show
    Shaun is one of the funniest men on TV…. if u are your friends are left cold u should go back to watching The ABC

    @Martos – Are u married to Lynda? Polluting your integrity? I sure there is a T&HM on Nine for you to watch.

  2. I enjoy the concept and like the regular panel members of each generation, but the host, who is he??

    Unfortunately he almost ruins the show and now that Masterchef has finished as the lead in program, I won’t be tuning in again.

    I think Shaun, I’m not sure of his surname, needs to understand that the show is not about him. He should simply read the questions in an amiable manner and make comments if and when appropriate. (Perhaps lessons from the Spicks and Specks host would be appropriate).

    His style leaves me and my friends cold. As I said, the concept is great the host is not.

  3. This show sucks, Micallef would have to be the worst comedian on TV today. He failed with shows on the ABC and SBS. This show needs to be dumped quickly as its polluting our integrity

  4. lay off rove and ryan shelton! there is no doubt that the legend that is Shaun micallef is the funniest man on australian tv, but that doesn’t mean you should go and criticize ryan and rove. I genuinely find Ryan Shelton hilarious! but if we are in the process of bagging out unfunny channel 10 shows, well I could go on for hours about good news week. but yes, micallef is the star of this show, with lines such as, ‘it’s that easle’ and ‘the catch is, you’ve got to get it right’. and I also agree, Bring back Newstopia!

  5. I was happy to read this story. This is a great show, and deserved to not be shelved for no real reason (like some shows get). Shaun is excellent as the host, and I like Amanda’s dry humor too. Hopefully they can keep getting good ‘celebrities’ to appear.

  6. It will be great to see another series. I wish they could improve the final segment and actually make it really competitive in a fun way (like Spicks and Specks) rather than making it a meaningless “competition”.

    Off course it would be ok if they locked Josh Thomas in the make up room before the show also… 😉

  7. Yeah, I think Shaun Micallef is the main reason why Talkin Bout Your Generation has rated so well, and congratulations to him and the team behind the show for it’s success. Still, whenever I watch the show it frustrates the hell out of me. The show tries to cover a huge broad area of questions, rather than being focused like say Spicks and Specks is with music. Also I hate the tasks at the end of the show, which make the entire quiz beforehand completely worthless.

  8. You would think channel 9 wouldn’t let Kerri Anne Kennerly do a rival networks show!? Does that means we might see Karl Stefanovic or Kochie on there next?

  9. @ Sillygostly,

    Completely agree with you. Ryan Shelton is an absolute joke. He is such a tool, and is one of the reasons for why I miss Rove on occassions. His Philosophisationing crap is just absolute rubbish, and then Rove wonders why his ratings are low. (apart from the Bruno episode).

    Seriously, Kerri Anne will definitely be more funny than him any time.

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