The ratings lotto

While the country held its breath on a $100m lotto, networks watched as their numbers stacked up in a routine order for Week 27. But some cities took a different view.

lottoWhile the country held its breath on a $100m lotto, networks watched as their numbers stacked up in a routine order for Week 27. It  followed two weeks of ratings upsets.

Seven won the week with 27.6% ahead of Nine’s 25.4% and TEN’s 24.8%. The ABC had 16.8% and SBS 5.4% as supplementaries.

Yet again TEN won three key demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

But while the country returned to a routine for first, second and third, some cities took a different view. Seven won Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, but Nine took Brisbane and TEN took Adelaide. At least the country is sharing the love.

Seven won Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Nine won Thursday and Saturday while TEN won Sunday.

Seven’s top ranking title of the week was actually a Sneak Peek of World’s Strictest Parents, a promo plugged during a Michael Jackson special, with 1.87m viewers. This aside it was Sunday’s Seven News that hit the top. Other big drawcards were Today Tonight, Find My Family, Packed to the Rafters, The Michael Jackson Story, The Zoo, All Saints, Thank God You’re Here, Criminal Minds, Better Homes and Gardens, Desperate Housewives and Sunday Night. The return of Rafters was only diminished by a decision not to screen it in Melbourne against an AFL charity match. It could have topped the 2m mark otherwise. Nevertheless it helped it win back its beloved Tuesdays. Sunday Night finished well with 1.29m but Bones was whipped by Rove.

Sunday night’s Nine News maintained its place as the network’s top ranking show of the week with 1.66m viewers. It was followed by shows such as 60 Minutes, Sea Patrol, A Current Affair, Random Acts of Kindness and Getaway. The final CSI dropped to a disappointing 931,000. E.J. Whitten Legends Game was strong in Melbourne. THIS afternoon began with 321,000 but dropped to 284,000 by Friday when it was upstaged by the announcement of Mark Ferguson’s signing with Seven.

TEN finished the week hot on the heels of Nine. MasterChef Australia again topped the week for TEN with 1.89m viewers for Sunday night. It drove a big audience to Rove, many of which stayed for Kevin Rudd and Bruno, a meeting that never took place on camera. 1.62m was his best for the year. For the first time Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation was beaten, by Find My Family, but still pulled a whopping audience. Also strong were Merlin, Recruits, NCIS, Good News Week, Michael Jackson: Picking Up The Pieces and Law & Order: SVU. TEN News at Five beat off the competition, including Nine’s new offering. Friday’s MasterChef cooking class is charting well with viewers, hijacking viewers from Better Homes and Gardens.

Spicks and Specks surged to 1.37m for the ABC, many of which stayed around for The Chaser’s War on Everything. Also performing were New Tricks, Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple, ABC News, Australia Story, The 7:30 Report, The Bill, Trial and Retribution, Grand Designs, Nature’s Great Events and Catalyst. Grand Designs almost topped Nine’s homeMADE which screened in an earlier slot. The Chaser is down some 350,000 on its season premiere. ABC took second on Saturday.

The final Top Gear Australia was also down on its season premiere, ending with 487,000 for SBS. Mythbusters took 323,000 and Mad Men bowed out with 230,000. Saturday was its best night.

Week 27

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  1. However, unlike the sneak peeks, Oz Lotto is inside a program which is why it isnt counted separately. If Oz Lotto was in between two different programs like the sneak peeks are (like when it used to be on at ‘8.28’), then it probably would be counted separately.

  2. @tv:

    Of course it has got to do with the disappointing end-of-week linup, but in comparison to last week I meant. 🙂

    And Darryn, you do realise that the demos are what brings in their advertising dollars? =/

  3. @ Jerome’s comment – ‘last year DWTS started with just over the mil and that was with very little competition’
    Actually it began with 1.3 million for ep one at 7.30
    This year @ 6.30 it’s not directly against 60 minutes or Idol (last year around 1.5 & 1.3 respectively and with a 2.5 hour show share will give better share.
    Also no Bruno on Rove this week….. like I said
    ‘I’d be surprised if Seven didn’t win Sunday night’

  4. Darryn, i can’t stand any one of the commercial channels, avoid them as much as i can, and very rarely defend them, but how is doing well in the demos a pathetic performance? If you do some basic research, you will find that old people do not make networks much money.

  5. @ Peter
    I agree. If a sneak peek can be considered a program, then shouldn’t lotto be considered one? I don’t remember seeing it being listed in the top 20 for Tuesday (unless it really was that bad, which I doubt given there was 90million on offer)

  6. @ warden

    last year DWTS started with just over the mil and that was with very little competition, this year there is MC and merlin. and SN was getting about 1.2-1.3 and 7 still came 3rd last sunday

  7. @george
    tell 10’s accountants how excited you are about them winning those all important demo’s. The tears in there eyes from pi**ing themselves laughing at you may blur out the sea of red figures in front of them.

  8. Jerome- you gotta be kidding me.
    DWTS will get better share in the slot – Remember that Border U.S and Force were getting just over 1 mill.
    I’d be very surprised if 7 doesn’t win Sunday night.

  9. looking to the future
    7 will suffer on Sunday because of DWTS i doubt it will do better than SN and bones will not do as well at 9:00. 60mins, rove and MC should be huge and maybe push 7 to 3rd.

    then 7 should get a good win on monday, tues, wed, and maybe thurs with double greys and Fri.

    then the following week 9 and ten will strike back with SOO and MC finals.

  10. George – Tuesday has nothing to do with Ten coming third this week. In fact Ten got 3.8 points more than Nine on Tuesday. It is Thursday to Saturday figures that are lacking. Even Wednesday is looking bad. And with the return of Rafters, the 30+ point ratings for Ten on Tuesdays are over.

  11. Good week for TEN, 0.6% off Nine and winning the key demos once again! How is TEN coming for 25-54 for year to date?

    Had TEN won Tuesday they definitely would have come second this week. Ah well. 🙂 TEN should definitely be happy with how they’re going, considering they’ve won the key demos for ages now.

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