The Shak fills in for Pyramid

nitroMaybe it’s something to do with its search for a new cast member, or maybe it’s another reason entirely.

But Nine has opted not to premiere a new afternoon family game show it had planned for later this month.

Pyramid, described as “a fun, fast-paced game show the whole family can enjoy” was set for a premiere at 4pm Tuesday July 21st.

In the show, two teams go head to head in a competition to describe a series of simple objects, places or things, without actually using the object’s name.

But now repeats of The Shak will run in its place instead. Yesterday, Nine announced a search for a new teammate following the announced departure of Kendal Rae aka Picasso.


  1. I can’t stand this show.
    The stupidity and moronic answers from some of these kids irritates me to a point that just makes me angry. Why put your child on a TV game show if they obviously aren’t smart enough and all they can do is just stand there blankly and look ridiculous and give annoying, moronic answers.
    It’s not cute. It makes me want to rip my hair out and scream.
    What the hell are they learning at school?? Obviously – nothing…at all. No common sense.

  2. Please let us know if Pyramid will be airing at all. My son went on the show and has been very excited to see himself on TV, as I am. We have been waiting to hear what will happen, but have heard nothing.

  3. As a Queenslander… I am interested in what has been going down at QTQ, culminating in the Extra axing, which was done I believe, not by local management, but done by execs in Sydney, who didn’t want a local program running in Queensland only, to outrate the “great” new national hope for 4:30, “This Afternoon”.

    Brisbane will have it’s day with Nine, they say the EKKA’s forever changing, Brisbane will let 9 know at the EKKA, that some things aren’t meant to be forever changing, like what they have done to the lead-in, simply given up the race to 7, who should put more local content on, that is what Brisbane, SEQ and Queensland viewers want, not gameshows (other than the “Pyramid”), dancing current affairs hosts and people flicking off after the Sunday Flashback’s done.

  4. Kuttsywood – You seem to be pretty interested in a lot of Ch 9 stuff… Thought I’d let you know I agree that the Eco departure went down very weirdly but obviously it was the producers decision to make no mention of her leaving… Perhaps they thought kids were stupid and wouldn’t notice haha! However – I’ve heard it wasn’t her decision to leave – again another decision by producers. I think we would have heard more about what she was doing if it was her decision. Oh and btw CatFan- Nitro is Half African! Soooo his skin colour is natural and so is his hair – weird but true…

  5. @tasmanian devil: The Eco departure, led to the new three-person, occasional houseguest format for The Shak.

    It wasn’t handled very well, combined with the shift of the programs website from a 2006 based model to the current Nine standard, which gained the program a bulletin board, which was forced to shut down due to the overwhelming reaction towards the way the Eco departure was done, which was sudden (even though it was her decision), with no mention of what happened on-air, at all, during this season.

    I would say the upcoming Picasso farewell ep is to “mend fences” with the internet viewership over Eco’s departure and hope to get The Shak back on the right track, after these major departures.

  6. tasmanian devil

    David, Eco departed, not Picasso. Or do you mean that Picasso’s departing also???
    And I actually liked Sharky’s friends. There, I said it. It was lame but that’s what I liked about it. Sharky and Miranda are a great duo.

  7. Yeah Kenny, I was thinking they were holding it to show at 4.30 or 5 when THISafternoon gets axed and they go back to a half-hour bulletin

  8. They need to bring back new version of the 90s childrens game shows I used to love. A*mazing, Time Masters, Challenger, they were all awesome. I don’t see how you can have a boring game show like “It’s Academic”, where there are already tried and tested much better formats out there to revive. Go Go Stop is also pretty boring. If I want to jump from plasma to plasma, I will go to JB Hi-Fi.

  9. Sharky’s Friends was a pretty bad show – the questions were too easy and the contestants basically always won.

    But Miranda Deakin was excellent at hosting it. She should host Pyramid, or even be the new “Picasso.” After all, Extra did get axed (and I believe she was on it).

  10. @Bre Saxs: Sharky’s Friends was lame, because it recycled the “Now You See It” formula for the umpteenth time. I remember, at the time, it was so bad, that new Shak eps were brought forward within weeks, to replace Sharky.

    Labrats never had those problems, as it was always on a time share with The Shak, and it was a original concept.

    Nine was probably expecting a “Sharky” response to Pyramid, so I think that any delay may also be due to the fact that there are literally no new eps of The Shak (caused by the Picasso situation) to throw in if Pyramid goes pearshaped.

  11. I don’t know who’s hosting though. I wonder if the delay, is due to the recent machinations at Nine Brisbane, where most likely “Pyramid” was also shot.

    My tip: The premiere has been bumped to August, so Shak eps can air during the “Picasso Replacement” promotion.

  12. Is this new game show actually meant for kids or for adults? (I know it says the whole family).

    There is a show like this in the U.S. and its pretty good, but it’s not really a kids program (it would be rated G instead of C). Pyramid was also an episode of Friends, where Joey was a contestant on the show.

  13. I guess re-runs of the Shak isn’t that bad. Anything is better than that Sharky’s Friends which was lame.

    David, are you going to amend the Coming Soon section?

  14. I happened to stumble on this show yesterday and couldn’t help but notice that the guy with the dreadlocks seemed to have this dark brown makeup slapped on his face and arms to make him look extra bronzed. It was very obvious.

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