The Simpsons a cappella

Have u heard Canvas recreate The Simpsons theme tune, entirely without instrumentation?

canvas_group2As the credits rolled on last night’s Simpsons, we heard a brilliant acappella version of the show’s theme tune, recorded by vocal troupe, Canvas.

Sheer brilliance.

It’s almost up there with Manhattan Transfer.

The group has an album on sale at their website, simpsonsacappella.com, where they are all depicted in Matt Groening caricatures.

Would love to hear Desperate Housewives next. Same composer: Danny Elfman.

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  1. It was the best part of the simpsons for the whole season. I mean, last nights episode was pretty horrible, homer is getting dumber, the episodes are makeing less and less sense, And the term ‘plot’ doesn’t seem to apply anymore.

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