Trailer: Stargate: Universe

stargateuniverse1A trailer of the latest in the Stargate franchise, the forthcoming Stargate: Universe has been leaked online.

It differs from what was shown to fans at Comic-Con in the US. Fans were said to be generally impressed by the that preview.

The spin-off is to set debut in the US on October 2nd as a two-hour movie on SyFy before beginning weekly episodes. The cast includes Robert Carlyle and Lou Diamond Phillips.

No word on Oz yet.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. well i think it could go on sci fi in australia instead cause it looks like it would do much better on sci fi than on 7 cause they always put stargate in the worse timeslot

  2. Since when did previews beocme ‘trailers’ … i thought thats what you towed behind your car ? … and not as in ‘trailer park’ – they’re caravans !
    Do we always have to stoop to crappy americanisms ?

  3. David any chance you could find out about what’s happening with Altanis and SGU here? None of the networks tell us lowly people on the phone anything 😛

  4. Wow…if 7 don’t show this then they’re idiots, plain and simple. I would watch this any day of the week and at any time, but please don’t put it on Foxtel! Some of us don’t pay for our TV 😛

  5. @ bindi: The Stargate TV series are distributed by MGM Television internationally. However, in 2007 MGM was sold to Sony Pictures and Nine now has an output deal with Sony (including TV series and movies released and distributed by MGM, but excluding the James Bond franchise). So it’s possible that Nine could get Stargate: Universe.

  6. No sequel will be as good as the first Stargate series but I’ll give this one a go especially as I never got into Atlantis.

    Not sure how though as I won’t download it and Seven are likely to air it in 10 years time if at all.

  7. Thanks for the leaked trailer lets hope 7 dont get their grubby hands on Stargate Universe and it will go straight to the Sci Fi channel on Foxtel

  8. this show looks absolutely amazing and has potential to be the best SG yet. Over on the Sci Fi channel (au) website Captain has hinted in the past that they may try and fast track this series. heres hoping, for SGU and SciFi HD.

  9. I like the clip its a nice fresh start to the franchise and wish SyFy here would fast track it since ch7 has lost interest.

    BTW for those not seeing the clip check YouTube it has several copies if they haven’t been removed yet.

  10. is there any way that GO! could get hold of this or does it have to go to 7 if it is to go anywhere on FTA?

    this one looks more serious than the others, possibly resulting in a higher classification, might get an MA or something here.

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