War is over. Chaser calls it quits.

chaserwarAfter some speculation last week following comments on their Wednesday night show, The Chaser’s War on Everything team has confirmed the end of the show.

During the week the picture was somewhat unclear. A spokesperson had told TV Tonight they could only confirm the end of the current series, on July 29th.

But yesterday the Herald Sun confirmed the War brand would end, the second ABC show to announce its closure in as many days.

Following their ‘Make-a-Realistic-Wish’ sketch the show was suspended for two weeks. The ABC also truncated their episode order by a further two weeks.

The Chaser team will instead focus on new projects. Executive producer Julian Morrow said he was “interested in doing different sorts of stuff” including a possible narrative comedy.

Earlier this year we saw another of their productions, Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure.

Chris Taylor will also present Australia’s Heritage: National Treasures: Eureka Flag on August 6th on ABC1.

Source: Herald Sun


  1. Steve I Bet You Watch S**t Like The Panel Laught At It While Wearing Your Fav
    Channel 10 Big brother Shirt And All There Other Boring Repetitive Reality And Panel S**t Styled Comedy Attempts ..

    The Panel Where The Best Comedy Act On Tv For Many Years

  2. Damian Parish

    Despite what is said, I still get the feeling they canned themselves due to the media harassment. As said at the end, for those of you who enjoyed our show, thank you – the other 19 million of you can get stuffed.

    I’ve seen far worse comedy on commercial channels that have outlived their comic value yet are pushed to oblivion. Chasers *Was* unique and fresh, despite Steve saying otherwise.

    A shame. satire comes and goes, but when you take a step back and think about a show moving on, you know they were doing something right.

    Anyway, isnt dancing with losers on now or something? Must be off, cant miss that…. oO

  3. Sad news indead, Once again the precious little kill-joys get listened to again. It was funny (as far as TV shows go) and fresh. What a shame.

  4. Pam and Mal Cotton

    So sorry the’War’ has ended.Some bits I didn’t find funny….most were hilarious.None of it was in such bad taste as’Big Brother’….or so totally boring as ‘Biggest Loser’ and all the other’real life crap!We need Chasers to say and do the things we’d like to do ourselves to all the stuffed shirt politicians,’important people,etc.etc.For once my husband agrees with me….without me threatening to set the dog on him….hence his name is alongside mine as co writer of this letter.

  5. How did ABC, or anyone else, tolerate this crap for so long? Maybe it brought a smile to the sort of people who enjoy meat raffles? Trash, and not to be missed. Not clever, not funny, not new. Just a group of sad, smug nobodys. Bye.

  6. Everyone always say’s TV shows ‘lose something’ I’ve heard it so many times it seems to be FOTM to just say it now.

    Chaser was funny and even if it didn’t make me laugh it did make me smile. Oh well.

  7. this is soooo unfair. i’ve only just discovered the chaser, and now they’re gonna be cancelled before i even make it a regular thing! just because of one sketch??? i think the whole thing is media hype, taking the show too seriously. lighten up! laugh once in a while. it might even do some good in this world. i mean, yes, the sketch was sort of insulting to disabled kids and the make a wish foundation, but they’ve made fun of everything from americans to the art critics to the australian government itself, but they didn’t get cancelled for that!

  8. Good decision. The jokes weren’t hitting the mark this year. Even the ‘controversies’ weren’t enough to generate long term interest.

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