When The Shat meets The Nanny

franMore interesting guests popping up on William Shatner’s conversation piece, Shatner’s Raw Nerve.

Tonight he chats with one Fran Drescher. In what promises to be a confronting conversation she opens up about dating a younger man, her experience of being raped by a home invader and her battle with cancer.

Next week it’s Scott Baio, who talks about the death of his father, being single until 45 years old and the birth of his first child after he and his girlfriend experienced two miscarriages.

Baio also speaks out about getting over his fear of marriage and being a parent.

Not quite what you’d get on Letterman.

It airs 6pm Saturdays on Bio.


  1. Damn if it has been shown. Fox says tonight is Jemma Jamison, but it said that about 4 weeks ago too, that must have been the Fran episode, which I didn’t IQ.

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