WIN echoes the love for GO!

go992WIN Television has confirmed the launch of GO! on Channel 80 for its viewers in August.

In a Press Release issued today, WIN has talked up the arrival of the channel with as much enthusiasm as Nine.

In fact the same quotes attributed to David Gyngell at Nine are now attributed to Andrew Gordon, WIN’s Executive Chairman.

“This new channel is a natural evolution for WIN and for free-to-air television,” Mr Gordon said.

“And that’s the key word – FREE. It means that within weeks our viewers will have access, free of charge, to a second channel offering quality and a great deal of first-run programs.

“It’s a WIN for our audience because it offers more diversity and substantially wider viewing choices than ever before, at no cost.”

He also reiterated Gyngell’s line about Warner Brothers content.

“Warners produce the best international programming across-the-board, no question. And WIN viewers will see the best of it both on our existing primary channel and the new GO! multi-channel,” he said.

No exact airdate was issued by WIN, but Nine is espected to ‘soft launch’ on August 9 with a full launch in September. There is some speculation it could move later to 88, though this is unconfirmed.


  1. Yvonne Goulter

    The Sex Shop show is totally disgusting not only are the products offensive for television but the disgusting things the compere say, great real Free to Air Television is not for perverts to scam people with overpriced crap !!!! There are discreet places for those wanting these items not free to air TV. Get rid of it dffensive to see a man playing with a dildo filth.

  2. I Live in Western Victoria and for the past 6 days there has been no audio on channel go, so you may as well turn the bloody thing off, as most viewers dont like silent programs.I would have been a enthusiastic viewer but not any more after 2 days I gave up trying but I have flicked over to see if any one was bright enough to fix it and it is still not working yet
    Ron Steff

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