Zemiro = Z Force

zemiroJulia Zemiro will feature as Zelda Forsyth (Zed), a multi-talented accident-prone special agent in a new pilot to be filmed by Renegade Films (RocKwiz, Ned Kelly Uncovered).

Z Force is described as ‘a thirty minute spy-com where physical humour meets verbal dexterity in an improvisational environment.’ The pilot is produced by Peter Bain-Hogg and written by Simon Rogers.

Z Force is one of several new television projects to win funding from Fim Victoria. The others include:

The Film Company Pty Ltd
Telemovie, Biopic, 95 mins
Producer, Richard Keddie
Writer, Glen Dolman
Director, Emma Freeman
The story of Australia’s most loved Prime Minister as he faces his greatest challenge: a battle within his own party. As he fights for his life, we discover his incredible transformation from the alcoholic, womanising but brilliant Trade Union President to a polished, egalitarian and visionary world leader. For a man who once sacrificed his family to his job, he must now rely solely on his friendships and allegiances to defeat his challenger and remain in power.

Lowdown TV Pty Ltd
Long Form TV Series, 8 x 26mins
Producer, Nicole Minchin
Writer/s, Amanda Brotchie and Adam Zwar
Director, Amanda Brotchie
Alex Burchill is the top reporter at the once mighty tabloid shock-sheet, the Sunday Sun. But with circulation in decline, Alex has to stop the rot by producing a scandalous, circulation-boosting story on a misbehaving celebrity every week. And every week, the universe punishes him for his intrusions into the private lives of the rich and famous by somehow ruining his life.

Inside the Firestorm
Renegade Films Pty Ltd
Television One Off, Documentary/Factual, 110 mins
Executive Producers, Joe Connor, Ken Connor, Alex West
Producer, Lucy Maclaren
Writer, Chris Masters
Director, Jacon Hickey
An ABC documentary special to mark the anniversary of Victoria’s worst ever natural disaster. ‘Inside the Firestorm’ aims to provide as detailed and complete picture as possible of how the Black Saturday bushfires unfolded over the weekend of February 6-9th. This will be the definitive commemoration of this terrible day.

Murundak – Songs of Freedom
Daybreak Films Pty Ltd
Television One Off, Documentary/Factual, 52 mins
Producers, Philippa Campey and Natasha Gadd
Executive Producer, Michael McMahon
Associate Producer, Sarah Bond
Writers/Directors, Natasha Gadd and Rhys Graham
Murundak – Songs of Freedom – is a vibrant and uplifting journey into the heart of Aboriginal resistance music featuring the anthemic songs of protest performed by a gathering of Australia’s greatest Aboriginal musicians as they travel from the Opera House to the red desert sands of the Kimberleys and beyond.

Source: Film Vic


  1. Bobby O, last time I checked, Myf was on one of the ABC’s top rating shows. Which is made in Melbourne.

    Is that “successfull” (sic) enough for you?

    Her radio show being dropped by Triple M reflects on that station’s Channel-Nine-like inability to believe anyone except ratings-surveyed bogans are listening, not on her talent.

  2. I’m not particulary impressed by this woman, she reminds me very much like Myf Warhurst – and we’ve seen how succesfull she’s been in Melbourne – Not!!

    By they way i found her hosting of Eurovision “Crap” give me Graham Norton anytime!

  3. Hmm, the Zemiro pilot sounds, err, crap. Sorry, Renegade, still love you and all, but please, please, just remember “Funky Squad” and save some cash for something better.

    Emma Freeman directing “Hawke” spells WIN for me. Should be a good watch. Depending, of course, on who they cast as Hawke. Please, not a comedian. Or Max Gillies.

    Inside The Firestorm, meanwhile… hasn’t Masters already done a Four Corners piece on this with a similar title? Or am I mistaken? Either way, at least we have an airdate – February 6th 2010.

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