1.13m for Rescue premiere

After a big promotion campaign, Nine's debut audience for Rescue: Special Ops won't have execs smiling just yet.

Rescue SPO3Nine’s shiny new drama Rescue: Special Ops attracted an audience of 1.13m last night, third in its timeslot.

The action drama starring Les Hill, Libby Tanner and Peter Phelps was beaten by The Devil Wears Prada on 1.23m and Bones‘ 1.19m.

For a big budget show with billboard promotions and good reviews, execs  won’t be smiling just yet.

Seven’s Dancing with the Stars cleverly finished late, with its wedding march parody the final dance of the show. It took a cool 1.59m. Next Sunday Australian Idol will also run to an extended time. Rescue will also contend with GO! launching on the same night.

Nine didn’t have a great start to the week with the final Random Acts of Kindness taking 1.09m and 60 Minutes 1.19m.

Seven won the night with a 30.0% share, no doubt securing its position for the rest of the week.

Week 32

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  1. I have eagerly awaited the debut of this exciting looking show and were not disappointed. We are Rush fans and thought that Rescue’s debut was better. I think the character’s development and personal stories over the coming weeks should be interesting and add an intrigue to the show that that will see the characters becoming more familiar and more loved as they develop.
    I think the cast has great chemistry after only one episode especially the brother’s Les Hill and Andrew Lees,and I love Gigi.
    Delay the time by 10 mins to thawt channel 7’s attempt at sabotage.Get the time slot right and this show will be around for years.

  2. First program on Nine that I have actually bothered to watch, well put on the PVR actually. I went to watch it tonight, and after 10 mins I was too bored with it and could predict the entire episode, much quicker than actually watching the full hour, so I ended up watching the Criminal Minds repeat from last Wednesday that was on the PVR, missed it first time around. Was more entertaining.

    Anyway, I don’t trust Nine, so there was really no point in watching it. They will stuff around with the time/day soon enough. Had it been on another network, even ABC1/2 or SBS1/2 I probably would have tried to watch the whole show to see if it did get interesting.

  3. I watched it last night, didn’t mind it, great cinematography, but I like the cast and idea of Rush better.
    Still, the panoramic shots were pretty darn good, though the helicopter shots looked extremely fake.

  4. It would have been better if they had not shown a clip of them rescuing the girl during the channel 9 promo in the first ad break! Good work 9, main story line blown in ten minutes.

  5. They stuck most of the underbelly cast in it hoping people would watch. City Homicide didn’t work for 7 at the 8:30 sunday night timeslot so It will be interesting to see if it picks up. I won’t be watching it. Im sticking with Rove when he comes back.

    However if it doesn’t pick up wait for a special guest appearance from Charlie Sheen or Bert Newton.

  6. I was sort of looking forward to this show, even though it really appeared as a rush copy cat. I decided not to bother watch it ultimately because I know that as per usual, any show i start watching & like on C9, they usually dump it after a few weeks – so i just saved myself the heart ache lol. I’ll pass until the dvd of the season comes out.

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