9HD makes way for GO!

9hdAs GO! prepares to launch this Sunday, yesterday was the last day of breakout programming for 9HD -at least for the forseeable future.

From today 9HD will now simulcast Nine, as the network looks to direct its audience to alternative programming on the youth-skewed GO!

GO! will screen on Channel 99. The channel ‘soft-launches’ at 6:30pm Sunday with a new series of Wipeout but will broadcast test signals from Wednesday

Meanwhile regional viewers looking for GO! will find the channel on Ch. 88 on the WIN Network on the East Coast. WIN will broadcast the channel in its current broadcast areas in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania -with the exception of Griffith.

Earlier suggestions that it would begin on WIN HD are now shelved.

NBN viewers can also see GO! on 88 from the Central Coast to the Gold Coast.

Nine currently has a Helpline for people looking to access the channel: 1300 152 231 (bus. hours).

As part of the switch, a number of Nine shows are now available in high definition on 9HD simulcast.

A spokesperson from Nine told TV Tonight it expects GO!l to be added to the Foxtel platform ‘soon’, but was unable to detail any timeline.


  1. It would be nice if a) they put the correct shows on TV when it is in the weekend TV guide eg: Moonlight on Thursday night at 9-30, rather than change it at the last minute to 8-30.
    b) how come websites these days, like GO’s official ones, never has a feedback form, email address or phone number – how the hell can you ever get in touch with them these days.

  2. Pathetic programming!!

    Bad enough with the multitude of ads, but the places the ads are spliced in leaves a lot to the imagination.

    Yes, we have to imagine what the rest of the sentence might have been as the adverts ae placed in the middle of a sentence! Off course, to make up time for the endless promos, the continuation of the program is gone due to the cut pieces of programme.

    What a farce!

    How to lose your audience and engender anger towards the advertisers in one foul swoop!

    Learn how to cut to ads professionally GO! (Or just GO away)

  3. This doesn’t affect a lot of people but where are the captions for the hearing impaired? Last week my g/f watched gossip girl with captions & tonight they were not there for the show, but worked in the ads. WTF?

  4. And to those who say get foxtel, the AFL Footy Show is not on foxtel or Austar! If the AFL want to push the code up here in FNQ then they’ve got to make it more accessible on free to air tv!

  5. I live in Mackay, I moved up from Victoria and was always able to catch up with what was going on in the AFL on the AFL Footy Show & to a lesser extent Footy Classifieds but now they are both gone! No Win HD instead we have GO! on channel 88. Now there’s no AFL footy show until after midnight on win tv which is an absolute disgrace! Win hd is not running at the moment so they’ve taken away my Thursday night viewing ritual! I’m am so angry at this. I am encouraging everyone who cares about this to switch off win television until they start listening to what the viewer wants!

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