ABC causes Sunday upset

Older viewers are ruling Sunday nights, with wins for Midsomer Murders and Dancing. So what's happened to Idol?

15The ABC’s Midsomer Murders slammed its competition once again, snaring a huge 1.48m viewers -up from last week’s 1.26m. Together with Stephen Fry in America (1.21m), it helped lift the broadcaster to nearly a 23% share and pushed TEN to fourth for the night.

Seven held with Dancing with the Stars (1.35m) over Domestic Blitz / 60 Minutes (1.24m / 1.11m) and Australian Idol (992,00). The result was particularly harsh for TEN slipping underneath the 1m mark. Despite a peak of 1.33m it only won the 16-39 demographic. Losing 18-49 so early in its season will surely smart.  If the show stays low expect extra goading from Dicko to new judge Jay Dee Springbett. Roll on Top 12 live performances.

The news wasn’t good for either Rescue: Special Ops (906,000) or Rove (784,000). Bones averaged 1.08m across two episodes, with 1.31 for the first ep.

GO! again took good numbers for Sunday with Wipeout! tops at 224,000 and The Big Bang Theory at 177,000. On ONE Formula One managed 147,000.

The wins for Midsomer Murders and Dancing indicate older viewers are ruling Sunday nights. So where have all the younger viewers gone?

Week 36

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  1. It is not just people who work Sunday Nights and Those of us who attend Evening Church Services who are never home for Idol or the various Channel 7 and 9 plus ABC and SBS offerings.
    I know it is not the bargain it used to be but the other alternative you have are Cinemas or the Video Store offering Movies and Other Things for rental which given how bad Sunday Night Television is a far better alternative.

  2. Where was I? I watched Stephen Fry in America (which I love to bits) and half of Midsomer Murders on ABC 1 before I decided to watch Being Erica instead (absolutely gorgeous! Not silly like I thought it would be). I’m 20. And until the commercial networks can offer something decent to watch, I’ll be ignoring them. No one I know who’s my age watches Idol. No one. Maybe if I was 13.

    The only show I’m genuinely excited for is Glee, thank you Ten. I’ll stick to that, GO! and the ABC.

  3. Saying that young people are definitely out on a Sunday night is rather offensive and stereotypical. Not all young people are the type to go out to a pub/club/whatever and socialise, not on a Sunday night at least. I certainly don’t.

    By the way, I agree with Percy. Smart, funny and witty are exactly the three things Rove isn’t.

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