Airdate: 50 Years of Television

9And here’s one especially for viewers in Queensland as Nine celebrates 50 years of QTQ9 Brisbane.

This is a first run, one hour special looking at local achievements and personalities on QTQ over the years.

50 Years of Television airs 7:30pm Saturday 15th August on Nine (Brisbane).


  1. Max,

    I believe you’re right when you say WIN’s issue with the dotty logo comes from the fact that they spent all that money rebranding their physical assets in 2006, only to have Nine go back to the dots two years later. Nine should’ve kept their boxxy logo for at least five more years just to get value for money (for all concerned).


    Don’t forget Nine also own a station in Darwin branded as ‘Nine.’ 🙂

  2. The “dotty” Nine is used on Nine owned stations – i.e. Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne.

    The Nine logo without the dots is used on network stations which Nine does not own, i.e. Adelaide and Perth.

    • Surprised there is so much discussion on this one! I actually looked for a “Still The One” pic, to symbolise the 50 years. Pulling this one from the archives circa 2006 isn’t meant to indicate it’s 9 today or WIN today, nor is it erroneous. Again, it’s one of many that’s been used.

  3. Gerry,

    WIN Corp tend to put their logos in the old blue box when they’re covering up PBL-Nine’s watermark. Even Imparja & the PBL owned NBN do this now because Nine love to send out some of their programmes without a clean feed option (including all NineHD programming).

    But yes, you’re right. Excluding WIN’s Aus map watermark, their logo (along with Nine Perth & Adelaide) is without any boxes or boarders. It’s funny watching the Nine produced IDs & signposts with all the dots flying around, except when the WIN logo pops up, nothing happens!

    WIN’s logo doesn’t know whether it wants to be in a box, out of the box, or in a map of Australia!

    Anyway, WIN should bring back the dots & Nine should provide their affiliates with a clean feed, without any dotty watermarks.

  4. Nine Adelaide and Perth just have the ‘9’ without the box now. They are both owned by WIN, which thankfully decided not to bring back the dots on the stations they owned (both Nine and Win). It’s been rumoured that WIN Boss Bruce Gordon hated the dots, but another explanation could be that they didn’t want to fork out to re-rebrand all their stuff after Nine did a backflip after two years of being dotless.

    @ James Russell – don’t even know where to start with that so i’ll summarise your post in one word – Wrong.

  5. @ Kuttsywood,

    I’m not from Adelaide, but I thought Adelaide’s Nine logo was just the numeral 9, with no dots or a blue box?

    Either way, Adelaide and WIN should just use the full Nine logo, with the dots, it makes so much more sense.

  6. wonder if how extra will fit into the show. perhaps it will be introduced as ‘that really popular show that we axed for another poorly executed and prematurely axed show’… maybe not but would probably be the best description…

  7. James Russell

    No, This was Channel Nine’s failed and former logo prior to the return of the dots in 2008.
    The logo was banned because of poor ratings gambling to Seven after winning all weeks in 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008.

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