Airdate: ADbc

masterchefa judgesHere comes ADbc another panel show, this time on SBS with a new history based quiz program.

Hosted by comedian Sam Pang (Eurovision) it will kick off with guest celebs Matt Preston, Tony Martin, Celia Pacquola and historian Emily Booth.

SBS promises the show will be “not too serious and not too worthy, but rather a mix of factual information with intelligent discussion and blatantly silly behaviour.”

Matt Preston wields his historical knowledge as panelists are asked to drink a toast to Emperor Kublai Khan, retrace the growth of the Dutch empire, and find out what Russian writers of the 19th century used to eat. Once again, this panel show is directed by Jon Olb (Spicks and Specks, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, Thank God You’re Here).

It airs 8:30pm Thursday 27th August on SBS


  1. I’ll watch the first ep, but I wonder out loud how this show is going to work. Sport & music panel shows are one thing, but most of the major history I learnt at school was full of death, misery & destruction…

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