Airdate: Coming Home

qantas_choirThe Great Outdoors may be returning to Seven screens this Saturday with its mix of old and new footage (including some as far back as when Shelley Craft was with Seven).

But a week later there is a special, Coming Home.

In what sounds suspiciously like a bloated ad for Qantas, Tom Williams, Jennifer Hawkins and Ernie Dingo travel around Australia with the kids from the Qantas Choir.

From Western Australia to tropical Queensland, the young Australians sing their hearts out on the latest ‘I Still Call Australia Home’ campaign. Plus an exclusive screening of the new song with its surprising twist.

Sounds rivetting.

This one airs 6:30pm Saturday August 22nd.


  1. Goes to show that Qantas is the best airline!! So Australian, so professional, so safe and caring!! I have always had a great experience with Qantas, and will never fly with anyone else. We need to keep the money here at home, support our nation!!

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