Airdate: Gary Unmarried. Bumped: Amazing Race, TV Burp, Double Take

gary-unmarriedSeven is moving on its soft Thursday line-up, beginning next week.

It will premiere the US sitcom Gary Unmarried with two eps from 7:30pm from September 3rd (UPDATE: 2 eps in Sydney / Brisbane only. One in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth)

In doing so it pushes The Amazing Race back to 8:30pm, TV Burp to 9:30pm and Double Take to 10pm.

That leaves My Name is Earl out (still airs on Wednesdays) and a repeat of Scrubs abandoned.

Family Guy repeats remain in place at 10:30pm.

A week later, on September 10 Gary Unmarried reverts to a single episode while How I Met Your Mother repeats at 8pm.

Gary Unmarried stars Jay Mohr as divorcee Gary Brooks who owns a house painting business and bought his own place after his divorce. Now his life revolves around trying to move on from his marriage to Allison (Paula Marshall) and get back into the dating scene. The show is essentially about two very different people sharing custody of their kids while starting new relationships with a cast that also features Ed Begley Jr.

CBS premiered the series last September and has given it a second season.

This week’s line up remains as scheduled.


  1. to “me”,

    it would seem then that the average punter has the iq of a comatose lump of cabbage. the average punter is hopefully clever enough to avoid the show.

  2. Damn damn damn! I was loving Amazing Race at 7.30. Now it’s going to clash with ADbc on SBS. And Gary Unmarried sounds soooooo same old same old.

  3. I seriously love TV Burp – I really wish more people would watch – it just might be a little too clever for the average punter… and that just sucks.

  4. Gary Unmarried?haven’t we seen these kinds of shows before.Nine has that in the form of Two and a Half Men and we had something similar in the early nineties known as My Two Wives and Then there was My Two Dads.

  5. RichoTB, I doubt it’s Always Sunny could go in a slot before 8.30pm anyway. Seven do have a few new comedies coming to them through their output deal. Jerome, good to hear we might be getting P&R soon.

  6. And on a side note, its probably clear now that Double Take and TV Burp won’t be back next year. Unless they enjoy burning off low-rating shows in late timeslots.

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