Airdate: Glee

gleeGlee will air as a series on TEN at 7:30pm Thursday September 17th, a week after its US series launch.

The high school musical by writer Ryan Murphy (Nip / Tuck, Popular) looks set to be a cheeky addition to TEN’s schedule, and should help Rush with a stronger lead-in.

In the early PG slot it remains to be seen whether the episodes will require any editing by TEN.

The premiere episode which aired in July was also a PG classification.


  1. Question?? Was the special one-off episode of “Glee” (which aired a few weeks back), in any way connected to the actual series? I mean, will I have had to see that episode to follow the series? Was that episode actually Episode #1? Or will this series now start from Episode #1? Or Episode #2? Sorry, just hate to watch a series if I’ve already missed an episode or two . . . Thnks

  2. Getaway skews older…Glee will smash it.
    Rush doesn’t need help…it’s audience is 25% higher than series one
    It will be the original episode that was shown last month

  3. I have to agree why a Thursday Night?Most of your targetted Audience work or go out late night shopping or failing that You are up against Getaway and Channel Seven Various Offerings.

  4. I really hope this suceeds but I fear it will be like Arrested Development and be one of those shows you go… damn… I really wish that had lasted another season.

  5. I just hope this doesn’t turn into another 90210 and gets dropped after a few weeks (either here of in the US), I liked the pilot and it’s good they are ‘fast tracking’ the show.

    BTW why aren’t they using the ‘fast tracking’ anymore?

  6. It’s odd noting the cultural differences between the US and Aus. Airing this show at 9pm as they do in the US would seem too late for this type of show if you did it here. But I guess it leaves some room for a higher rating.

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