Airdate: Hamish & Andy’s American Caravan of Courage

Hamish-Andy-CaravanThe first of two 2009 Hamish & Andy specials will air 7:30pm Thursday September 10th.

In Hamish & Andy’s American Caravan of Courage the boys will hit the road in the USA, travelling 5000kms from Miami to L.A in their trusty RV – the Abra-Van Lincoln.

Seems to be a lot of USA travels on the box lately, with Stephen Fry on ABC1 and another Jamie Oliver series yet to air on TEN, Jamie’s American Roadtrip.

Hamish & Andy have previously fronted specials for TEN including Hamish & Andy Re-Gifted in which they towed a caravan from Adelaide to Darwin.


  1. Great to see Ten putting something worth watching in this timeslot although will have to decide whether to watch or tape this as I currently watch Amazing Race. Agree with Goonies, they were the about the one reason I watch Rove.
    Interesting to see 7.30 Thursday is travel heavy – travel in reality comp mode (Amazing Race on 7), travel destinations (Getaway on Nine) and now travel caravan style with comedians (Hamish & Andy on Ten).

  2. Johnson, they were never going to ship the caravan from Australia to the US. Nice feel-good-spin excuse, but it was never going to happen.

  3. Hamish and Andy actually had to rent an RV to do the trip, because the caravan used in their last trip (Melbourne to Darwin) is being used to accommodate victims of Victorian bushfires from February this year. You can see the pic at Hamish and Andy’s website.
    Also, there will be an exclusive interview with the duo in the Herald Sun this Saturday.

  4. Thanks should do well for Ten. However I’ll be steering clear. I can not stand them. My friends think they are absolutely hilarious and I think they are just stupid and absolute wankers. They are tolerable when they are on their own but together they are just argh!

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