Airdate: High Altitude

haSBS will keep up its andrenaline Monday nights with a new new, six-part mountain adventure show.

High Altitude features Graham Bell and Ed Leigh who have both spent their lives trying to get down mountains as fast as they can.

Starting out on Mont Blanc, Western Europe’s highest mountain, these fearless two will push the limits of body and mind, joined by British ski champion Noel Baxter. Unbelievably, they intend to ski down from the summit.

However, as the thin air begins to take its toll, they are forced to decide whether to abandon their skis or abandon the climb.

If that’s not enough you’ll also see skydiving from 4600 metres along the famed treacherous north face of the Eiger, known locally as ‘the murder wall’, falling one hundred and twenty miles an hour on to a large glacier.

In later eps, Graham is left to survive a night alone in the wilds of the Andes and takes on the Arctic Circle Race – a marathon 160km cross-country trek through the beautiful wilderness of Greenland. The intrepid duo will also trek up one of the Chile’s largest and most active volcanoes – the 2847 metre Villarica, and ski down among the steaming crevasses.

Crazy stuff.

Fittingly this adventure series will follow Top Gear at 8:30pm Monday August 31st.

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