Airdate: Hot August Night NYC

NeilDOne for fans of Neil Diamond, with Nine set to screen highlights from his concert at Madison Square Garden last August.

The legendary singer had a four night run at the equally legendary venue, performing such songs as America, Cherry and I Am.. I Said.

The NY Times said: To be sure, Mr. Diamond still scowls and points to the heavens like a vengeful prophet when the occasion demands. But his churning ambition has mellowed. The closest he came to volcanic eruption on Thursday was during the evening’s finale, when he mounted a platform to pump a little ersatz revelation into his secular tent-show sermon, ”Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show.”

Mr. Diamond’s bass-baritone voice is in remarkable condition. The overripe oratorical flourishes he used to apply to songs have softened, and this greater naturalness makes the songs’ rhetorical weight less strained and their sentimentality more palatable.

It airs 2:30pm Saturday August 22nd on Nine, possibly a mild August arvo.

Updated: Neil Diamond: Welcome Home Neil airs 1:30pm Sat Sept 5. Diamond takes the audience on a journey from his hometown Brooklyn to Madison Square Garden, in an intimate look at the man behind the music.


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