Airdate: Money for Jam

rcNine’s next lifestyle series Money for Jam will air in early September.

Co-hosted by Paul Clitheroe (pictured), the series offers money making ideas and ways to save cash.

Joining Clitheroe are Shelley Craft, Shane Crawford and Effie Zahos.

In episode one, Effie will show you how to get a bonus worth nearly $3000 a year. Shane meets a man who has turned his love of beer into a business. Five tradesmen take Shelley’s lunchbox challenge. And there are words of wisdom from money-man Paul Clitheroe. Plus the “Super Scrooge of the Week” segment with the scroogiest ideas to save a buck.

It premieres 8pm Wednesday September 2nd.


  1. Nine could save some ‘Money’ themselves by just airing straight repeats of most stories on ACA… Yet, I’m always happy to see more of Shelley Craft on television. What a dish! 😛

  2. sept 2nd?

    so when they cut down perfect couple to 30 mins they actually did cut it down to 30mins. i thought they split the eps in two making the season run longer.

  3. Wasn’t Deborah Hutton earmarked for this program? I love Debs, so hopefully she wil lget another show – maybe a new Grand Homes or real estate series.

  4. Why not just call it ‘Money’ and make it a remake of the the previous series. Get rid of Shelley Craft (a woman who introduces ‘funny’ videos for a living), Shane Crawford (he should just be confined to the Footy Shows at a bare minimum) and show ‘Effie’ person (who if she is like the latest Nine recruits she is some untalented MTV person with a giant ego)! Who wants money advice from these three people? I smell a flop with all the segments, bar Clithroes’s, being painful to watch.

  5. I know an Effie who does a syndicated finance report on some breakfast radio shows in regional areas….is that who you’re talking about? I think her name is Effie Zarhoss or something like that.

  6. I can’t believe that it’s taken this long for a “Money” type of show to return to air…..the public crave information in times of economic turmoil.
    However I don’t think it’ll be as big as the original when it used to run back-to-back with “Our House”.

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