Airdate: Pixel Pinkie

ppHere’s one for the kids.

Nine premieres a new Aussie animated series, Pixel Pinkie this Saturday. The Tasmanian created cartoon character is the work of Blue Rocket Productions.

It’s the story of 12yo Nina who gets her first mobile phone. When she turns it on, a digital genie named Pixel Pinkie appears. Pixel Pinkie is able to make Nina’s wishes come true. But Nina quickly finds out that things seldom go to plan…

26 x half-hour series had been designed from the beginning for the international market.

“We have attracted a commitment from one of the largest cartoon distributors in the world, Daro Distributions of Monaco. We also have Canamedia Film Productions of Toronto holding up their hands to be involved,”  David Gurney of Blue Rocket has previously commented.

It airs 11:30am Saturday morning.

By the looks of the website, it looks pretty cute.


  1. put it on GO and it will be “pixellated pinkie”, lol nah the picture quality is a bit better on GO now, 10’s has gotten worse lately so GO is only a little worse than 10 is.

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