Airdate: Pyramid

pyramidNine has rescheduled its new kid’s show that it pulled before its premiere last month.

Pyramid sees two teams go head to head in a competition to describe a series of simple objects, places or things, without actually using the object’s name.

It launches at 4pm Tues Sept 1.

Photo: stock image.


  1. Im Georgia and I am in this show. I don’t know when I will be on but I will be on some time. It was alot of fun making it but it was also very scary so beofre you write bad comments about this show just think of all the people that tryed hard to make it.
    Thank you.

  2. Channel Nine Programming is a joke.

    If It weren’t for Hi 5,Humphrey,Farmer Wants a Wife and Getaway They would be forever known as a Two and a Half Men,CSI,Footy Show and 20 to 1 Channel.

  3. Contestant 1: umm, terrible idea, bad, failure, moved to a different time, losing streak, not the one anymore, slipping, losing touch, moved to a different time again…

    Contestant 2: What is Channel 9’sprogramming

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