Airdate: The Beast

the-beastHere’s a show that’s going to be a curiosity for all the wrong reasons.

ABC2 will screen Patrick Swayze’s latest project, the cop series The Beast later this month.

Swayze plays Charles Barker, a veteran FBI agent who goes undercover, gaining the confidence of criminals and setting them up for stint in prison. His methods often border on being illegal and unsettle his rookie partner, played by Australian Travis Fimmel.

The reviews for Swayze have been excellent, some calling it the best of his career. Some speculated that his performance may have been fuelled by his battle with cancer.

The show, produced for cable network A&E in the US, has already been cancelled.

Updated:  But it will screen in Australia from 8:45pm Tuesday August 25th on ABC2. (ps. how Starsky & Hutch is that photo!?)


  1. i will be checking this show out for sure, like Jason the one night of the week i dont watch tv is tuesdays at 8:30pm because im not into Pack, got sick of NCIS repeats and whatever channel 9 has on, two and a half men or 20 to 1 or whatever it is, it cheanges every other week. But i am really looking forward to this and i know ABC2 will play the full season and wont change timeslots of remove it from the air, and Craig it is Interesting to see what shows ABC2 picks up, and i hope they continue down this road

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