Airdate: The Making of Me

making1Fans of Torchwood should check out BBC Knowledge tonight as John Barrowman asks “why am I the way I am?”

Barrowman is one of several celebs who will endeavour to discover what the latest scientific research can tell them about a defining trait, talent or characteristic.

In his case it is to investigate the origins of his homosexuality.

Later eps will feature Colin Jackson and his athletic ability; and Vanessa-Mae discovering the roots of her musical skills.

The series asks what part did their early upbringing play? Did their family background contribute? What surprising insights do biology and genetics have to offer? And have there been any down sides to their trait?

The Making of Me starts tonight with John Barrowman at 7:30pm on BBC Knowledge.


  1. this was a very interesting doco..proved nothing, but good none the bizarre is it that John Barrowman talks with an american accent but when hes with his family slips right back into a Scottish one..never herad him speak with a Scottish accent before..sounded odd…almost like he’d been dubbed..ha him though..

  2. We viewed this program recently and it was very interesting … however, I personally don’t care one way or another if it is genetic or environment that has made me gay .. I am as I am … and that is exactly how others should treat us … regardless of the issue …
    Worth watching!

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