Auditions: My Kitchen Rules

mykitrChannel Seven has announced auditions for its very own cooking competition, pitched as a successor to its former reality series My Restaurant Rules.

My Kitchen Rules, produced in-house by Seven, will see teams of two from each state looking for “Australia’s best home-cooking team.”

Each team will compete from their own kitchens and will have to transform their home “into an instant restaurant for one pressure-cooker night.”

Applications are currently open online at

To apply you will need to complete a single application for both participants.

Questions on the form include:

What style of cuisine do you enjoy the most? Is this what you like to cook most?
Do you like to experiment in the kitchen? Give us an example:
Do you get stressed in the kitchen? How do you handle it?
If you were to throw a dinner party this weekend, tell us what your menu would feature (Entree, Main, Dessert, Other):
What has been the most difficult thing in your life so far?
Can you comfortably throw a dinner party for 6 people in your house?
Have you ever applied for, or appeared on, any other television program or game show?
Do you have any specific eating requirements (eg. Are you a vegetarian, Kosher, Halal)?
Do you have any criminal charges or convictions?
Have you ever been party to a lawsuit?
If chosen to be on the program, is there any person or part of your life that you would prefer not to share on camera? (i.e. – social organisations, activities, personal history, friends, family, etc.).

Applicants must be available immediately until 30th November.

As is increasingly the case with TV auditions, there are also stringent rules about disclosing information before, during and after the audition process to media.

The terms and conditions for contestants stipulates:  We also promise that we will not communicate to the public via the internet (eg blogs, personal websites, chatrooms) at any time about our participation in the Program.
 If we breach any of the promises we have made in this application, we understand that we could cause serious financial and other loss to the Producers and they might take legal action against us to prevent us from breaching these promises or to recover from us any losses suffered.

Nine is also preparing a cooking contest, The Great Aussie Cook Off.


  1. Why are you discriminating? Why two male judges, what’s wrong with one male & one female, both who can speak english. Pete Evens is not mature enough to be in charge of a show like MKR. When You have an Asian cooking, then one of the judges should be Asian? The judges should not be allowed to hinder the contestents, by shouting at them, or walking into their kitchens talking to them, distracting their thoughts, and dipping fingers into sauces etc. Didn’t the judges realise that the contestents were amateurs, and not qualified chefs? Evens nit picks, and finds some small point to pick up, can be seen to be biased, whilst Feildel is not a sweet tooth, and markes down if food is too sweet for his palate. Evens is not such a good cook himself, and wonder how he and Feildel would have fared had the roles been reversed? I for one will not watch another show, one was enough for me and my family, some good food was presented during the course of the show, but how about putting on older people, pensioners, who do not have much money to buy the kind of food cooked during your show? Enough said.

  2. Let’s all take a little lesson in Perspective shall we? It’s entertainment. I’m not a huge fan of reality TV, and I have never ever left a comment on a website. But reading your comments above, it is alarming to see that most of you seem genuinely outraged that this TV show isn’t a brand new idea – shocking, but what normal person cares? Given that the majority of you can’t even spell properly, and think Devon worthy of a mention when commenting on food, I hardly think 7 is going to value your comments in the slightest. The show is entertaining, the food looks tasty, the judges are not the slightest bit arrogant (plus they are incredibly sexy). All in all it’s fun to watch.

  3. Jemima Barfoot

    Love the show and looking forward to when it comes back on again. Great talking point at work the next day. Please make it soon.

  4. tracy lee lessio

    Myself and my very close friend sharon will be great for the next show of my kicthern rules, our pasion for cooking is unbeliveable our close friends love wednesday night in which is call lovey ladies night, in which sharon and myself cook up a storm for the girls. my background is italy and sharon is french but we can cook anything, our favorite food is greek, please respone we would love to here from you. cheers Tracy lessio xo

  5. Mel South Side

    The two judges on this show are woeful,the foreign fellow ,whom we call mumble,is impossible to understand,they need to show in english what he is saying on the bottom of the screen.the other young fellow does not have the maturity to caryy off his part of the show and could do with a shave and more stylish clothing.

  6. I think this show is fantastic!!!! Just some light hearted television that is enjoyable to watch on a Monday evening – a nice start to the week.

  7. “My Kitchen Rules” should be “My kitchen Fools” I read a blog recently which outlined the contestants from the pilot! They sounded fun and I would want to watch it! However, the people on the ad seem as boring as crap! Channel seven, It seems like you have pulled member of parliament out and put them in a T.V. show. Great idea, however, fire the person in charge of casting! Cheers James

  8. i just spoke to some people that tried to audition. and from what i gather 7 are making 2 seasons, one for now and one for early 2010. this would explain why the casting calls are still happening with only a few weeks left until supposed airdate. (you can still apply on yahoo7)

    also i think 7 could be trying something new and it could be going to friday 8:30.
    looks like 7 have movies on Sat and Sun for the rest of the year, so friday movies as well is a bit of overload, not to mention that they will be splitting the audience with 9 and 10. BH&G creates a leadout that 7 has never really utilised properly. i think it is worth a try. also there are no other obvious slots for it. 7’s schedule is almost completely confirmed for their back end.

  9. Still auditioning? When contacted it was apparently going to start in Mid-September. Cutting it a bit fine if they are still asking for people to apply or are they still gauging interest to see if the show will be able to compete with Channel 9’s offering?

  10. Gosh,
    That Shane guy is an angry man….. comments August 23, 2009 at 9:33 am
    what does he think that working on television is easy.

    What an absolute ungrateful human.

  11. man more crap im a chef and you have got to be kiding yourself mate chefs bust there asses every day in someone elses kitchen for the hope to one day own there own now we got bull***t copertionts to see what person is a master chef overnite makes me sick to think that us chefs have to bust our asses every day then you see sum 2 bit wanna b and there in instant stardome bull***t like australian idol what a crock of s**t mate we in australia have gotgreat tallent around you just need to get off your asses and look around and they say were becomeing obese i wonder why f**k sorry about the swearing stay kool hope that its a flop!

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