Airdate: Battle at Kruger Park

battle-at-krugerLooks like the next doco coming to Seven is a doozie… Battle at Kruger Park.

Nope it’s not Sonia Kruger batling for camera time with Daniel McPherson.

This one is built around an amazing wildlife scene that was captured on film at South Africa’s Kruger National Park and has gone on to become another YouTube hit. The video was filmed by David “Buzz” Budzinsk.

As the filmmakers describe it: “Upon our arrival, a herd of buffalo grazed on one end of the watering hole while a pride of young lions sunbathed on the dam ridge. We waited patiently for over an hour before the buffalo started to move along the shore.

“What is seen in the Battle at Kruger is the 8 minute climax that has won the hearts and minds of millions of people across the globe.”

This clip of 8.5 minutes has some amazing moments.

Updated: Battle at Kruger Park will air 7:30pm Monday Aug 31.


  1. Good clip, would have been better if the dude didn’t keep shaking the camera and without the annoying woman with the high-pitched voice going “OMG OMG” every few seconds. I didn’t expect the calf to be alive in the end. This should rate well for Seven.

  2. Nope it’s not Sonia Kruger batling for camera time with Daniel McPherson
    lol thats exactly what went through my mind.
    anyway next weeks one about the edge of the universe i thought sounded good but now i have seen the ad, god it looks like a cartoon.

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