Fuel TV ‘Hottie’ lands LA gig

CarissaCarissa Walford, one of Fuel TV’s ‘Smokin’ Hotties’, has been invited to LA by Attack of the Show’s Kevin Pereira.

She will now be a special guest and co-host for a week with Pereira while usual host, Olivia Munn is on leave.

Attack of the Show airs to 65 million cable viewers in the US, looking at technology, games, internet culture, comic books, sports, gadgets and more.

Pereira and his crew made a flying visit to Australia at the beginning of the year and were so impressed with Walford that they extended the invitation for her to stand in as co-host for a week.

Attack of the Show is billed as television’s only source of all the things you care about,” said Fuel TV Channel Manager Adam Howarth.

“It deals with pop culture, trends in technology, movie reviews, video game reviews … and anything else that young males pay attention to. That is why it fits so well on Fuel TV in Australia.”

Walford’s US Attack of the Show eps can be seen for one week on Fuel TV from Tuesday 4th August at 4.15pm.


  1. Jimmy Tequila

    The network is available to 65 million homes perhaps. 65 million viewers is up near Super bowl figures

    As for viewers, more likely to be around 1 million. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story though.

  2. looking forward to this so much, love ataack of the show when i get time to see it and Carissa Walford is so cute and smart, wish she was on it everyday, hope they invite her back on day and this is a very big step into US tv.

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