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30secs1Andrew Denton’s newest comedy series on the advertising industry, 30 Seconds, begins next month on the Comedy Channel.

Inspired from real life characters, it features Joel Tobeck as creative director Martin Manning, Kat Stewart, Gyton Grantley, Peter O’Brien, Stephen Curry and Jenna Lind.

The series was written by ad agency Three Drunk Monkeys’ Justin Drape and Scott Nowell plus Prodigy’s Tim Bullock.


30secs3Media and marketing blog Mumbrella says of the first episode, “Naturally there’s a bit of exposition in the first episode for non industry folk. But the backdrop is real enough – the underperforming Sydney outpost of global network BND Worldwide; the client who wants to keep an annoying brand icon; the client who wants to get rid of a much loved (and agency created) brand icon; the dead brand icon; the psychopathic new CEO; the awkward client-creative relationship.


30secs7“But, more to the point, there’s a proper storyline, laughs, and decent characters. Enough, I think, to be of wider appeal beyond the industry audience.”

It goes to air on the Comedy Channel on Monday September 7.





  1. I was thinking exactly what Tony H. said. If they ever make a telemovie of the current NSW govt, the guy in the second from bottom picture has the Nathan Rees role sewn up.

  2. Hi David,

    I made a bit of a weekend marathon of it, and have now watched the other five episodes too.

    I really like it. I’m sure that’s partly because it’s set in the advertising world, which is what I write about. But even so, it’s plotted well, there’s are several likeable characters (Gyton Grantley’s stands out) and several very funny lines.

    You’ll need to like your comedy a tad on the cynical side, but it is good stuff.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  3. Looks like a pretty good show.. Shame it’s only 6 episodes in length though.. it’s got a great cast and looks like it’ll definitely do quite well for Foxtel.. Hopefully it’ll get a FTA airing on the ABC (like stupid supid man did) at some point

  4. Got a “The Office”/”Moving Wallpaper” feel to it. From the promo i feels like it could be fun, if they manage to skewer their industry targets well.

  5. Its a shame this isn’t on FTA, it looks like a potentially witty, amusing show. I guess I’ll hold out for the DVD or see if this gets put online somewhere.

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