Global Village turning 2,000

It's something of a quiet achiever but Global Village is looking for viewers to nominate its best episodes.

silviorivierIt’s something of a quiet achiever for SBS, but Global Village is about to celebrate its 2,000th episode .

SBS is asking viewers to vote online for their favourite stories, with the most popular story being aired in September.

Global Village has been informing and entertaining SBS viewers for ten years. We have loyal viewers who tune in to the show every day but we thought this would be a chance for viewers to do the talking,” said host Silvio Rivier.

“From our 2000 episode journey, I am sure viewers have their own favourite stories they would like to see again. This is an opportunity for them to vote for their favourite Global Village stories online,” he said.

Viewers can nominate their top episode at www.sbs.com.au/globalvillage. Voting will close on Friday, 18 September.

The top eight choices will be aired during 22-25 September, with the winning episode to be aired on Friday, 25 September at 6pm.

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  1. Help. I love global village, but don’t always catch it intime to learn the title of a particular episode. Recently I cought a most beautiful doco of aerial views of Amalfi and Rome. So wonderful I wanted to buy it what’s its title please. It was aired about two weeks ago(today 26th november). Can someone help. It was not the French coast series. Angela

  2. We love Global Village and quite often stitch from one channel to another and catch two shows in the one night. We particually enjoy the areial viewS and the beautiful music that goes with it. Keep up the great viewing. We love it.

  3. I enjoy the 6 pm program on sbs hosted by Silvio at the age of 83 i can sit in my chair and travel all over the world in comfort with the commentary of a pleasant guide thank you SBS for your nice programs T Kuys

  4. Great, informative look at other countries in this wonderful world. So much beautiful scenery, history ,character, and architecture from ancient times. Plus the cooking which is so interesting, especially from France and Italy. Makes Australia look pretty dull and boring! Wish it was an hour show. Silvio is a great presentator, he speaks so clearly. Thanks for a great show!! Not to forget Thalassa which is a great show also, .

  5. I love watching all the episodes of France and Italy. Also the local chefs which are featured in the short segments.
    Long live “Global Village” and long live “Silvio Rivier” Hip, Hip, Hooray!!
    It has a great coverage of just about every place in the world.
    Do I get the feeling that Silvio loves Madagascar?
    My husband being a fisherman just loves Sunday night when Thalassa is on.

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