Government slow to respond to TV inquiry

Senator Conroy's office says it is 'well advanced' in responding to a Senate inquiry into TV standards, which ended 14 months ago.

hollowmenIt might be time for The Hollowmen to come back and explain this one…

Opposition communications spokesman Nick Minchin has criticised the Rudd Government after 14 months of failing to respond to the recommendations of a Senate inquiry into TV standards. It was June 2008 the findings were handed down.

The inquiry, which was held following an episode of Gordon Ramsay swearing 80 times in 40 minutes, recommended a review of the Australian Communication and Media Authority’s role, a streamlining of viewer complaints processes and requiring parental locks to be installed on digital TVs (ugh).

It also recommended ACMA adopt a “three strikes” approach to broadcasters breaching and that ACMA sample programs to check they meet classification standards. It recommended datacasting be used to give better program descriptions, for the reasons for program classifications to be investigated, and for classification watermarks to be shown throughout a TV show (another ugh).

“It is extraordinary that the government has taken 14 months and still not given any response,” Senator Minchin told The Australian. “It has taken its eye off the ball.”

A spokesman for Senator Conroy’s office responded by saying, “I can say that the government is very well advanced in its response to this inquiry.”


After that Hollowmen clip where Rob Sitch and co. explained ABC funding, maybe they could talk us through this one?

Source: The Australian

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  1. mr. conroy while your at it can you ivestigate why early morning t.v. has to have the same long winded info-mercials played at the same time on all channels, is this not mind numbing propaganda ats its best. please help us and give us a choice .

  2. I would seriously advise anyone against ever asking Steven Conroy to become more involved the the affairs of this country. Honestly, what makes people think that a perfectly healthy free market system will work better when baboons like that get involved?

    Besides the inquiry was nothing more than attempt by Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi to appeal to the over 90’s voting bracket. It never made any serious recommendations, and ACMA has long since handed down its verdict reading the content which sparked the furor.

    I suggest that we now focus on more important issues, such as getting the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice revised so that programs contained on M rated Gordon Ramsay DVD’s can be shown during the post 8:30 M rated time zone, just like they can be on the ABC and SBS.

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