Kristy Warner joins Rove team

kw2Kristy Warner has been named as the next newsreader on Rove.

Warner is Nova Sydney’s breakfast newsreader, and the daughter of Commercial Radio Australia chief executive Joan Warner.

Rove McManus announced her name on Nova this morning as the replacement for Carrie Bickmore.

She joins from Sunday night along with Judith Lucy as the show ramps up to its 10th Anniversary.

Source: Nova, MediaWeek


  1. OK then casting moves were great – give them a break and time to settle in before dissing ’em. Judith is hilarious but obviously nervous on the 1st night and Kristy is hot and talented – she has great comedy potential

  2. If you believe so Ben .If thats Australias premier talent i feel a litle distressed. Thing is though i find not many people actually find Rove funny or ever watch his show , ditto merrickrossos failed unfunny tv efforts , most i talk to find Dave Hughes annoying and again unfunny yet all these inter-connected people continue to scratch each others backs and litter our airwaves radio and tv….when its worked through they are all mates of mates and woven with each other . I cant remember anyone saying they enjoy rove ,many outright dislike him yet hes been on 10 years ….but it’s all talent based though im sure your right.

  3. OK Sam, let me get this right…

    You say Alan Carr is ‘funny at times without doubt hilarious’ but then go on to say he’s ‘funny because he’s ugly and gay and really has not much else to offer’. Sorry Sam – this is a complete contradiction. Alan uses his sexuality and looks as great comic tools and to great effect – he knows he’s starting off behind the eight ball and this is what a lot of people can relate to. And yes – you said it best – he and his show is hilarious. Thanks for agreeing with me.

    Yes – Jonathan Ross went too far with a comic skit. And he realised his mistake. But isn’t this what comedy is all about? If comedians don’t want to push the envelope – who will? They stick their neck out, take a risk and sometimes cop the consequences. So you decided to sum up all of Jonathan’s brilliant talk show by a skit he did on someone else’s radio show? Sorry Sam – that’s just lazy. Jonathan is a great interviewer and is brave enough never to pander to his guests. Unlike Rove…

    Graham Norton is much more than a ‘pussy’ gag Sam and you know it. Actually ‘look’ at the creative format of his show and I defy you to hold up anything Rove has done next to it. Every episode involves different celebrity guests, audience interaction and brilliant, original comedic stunts. Meanwhile the highlight of Rove has been ‘What the?’ – a recycled ‘Hey, Hey’ segment.

    For the record I’m not a fan of Noel Edmonds and none of the above talent have flown around the studio in a pork pie. I’ve got nothing against Rove personally and I’m sure he’s a nice guy. I just wish his show was more creative, more original and funnier. At the moment it’s just lazy and the Australian public deserves more.

  4. Just goes to show it’s not what you know it really is who y’know ! I have noticed how really really average the Nova news is, and was always surprised when they talk about the awards received…. well now we know . Mind you the whole thing seems like a giant circle j**k ..rove..merrickrosso….ryan fitzy… kristy warner…..dave hughes…judith’s all jobs for the boys , talent .

  5. Mary – shows how little you know. A panel of judges decides the winners of the radio awards – so your nasty remark is plain wrong. Just makes you look stupid as well as mean

  6. I doubt her mum would get her the job at Nova but she did give her the radio award as she is the judge and surprise surprise her daughter is awarded it . Nepotism is at its best.

  7. Oh dear Jil – I met Kristy at the Martin Place show last week. She is so nice and down to earth – just like Merrick and Rosso and Kate – they are allsoooo nice!!!!!!! I think you are sad and jealous and very rude about someone you haven’t even met.

  8. tasmanian devil

    I would have thought that a regular leaving would mean a fresh new face with a fresh new addition to the show, but no, it’s a fresh new face with an old addition to the show. News Desk was Carrie’s thing, and they’ve gone to the trouble of recruiting a new member only to have them doing the same segment.

    Don’t listen to them Scott!

  9. I listen to Merrick and Rosso from time to time and Kristy Warner is very uuuggh.
    She loves herself whereas Carrie seems very sweet. 7pm project isn’t doing well in the ratings so it looks like Carrie is making a mistake leaving her role on Rove, I wish they’d bring her back. Oh dear.

  10. Agree with what you say Sam about Scott.Rove does a great job,and 10 years later he is still going strong.Scott you will probably have a few more years of pain yet

  11. @Scott

    Your quote:

    “If you get the chance have a look at some of these British guys – Graham Norton, Jonathan Ross or Alan Carr.”

    Have had a look and yes funny at times… without doubt hilarious… Alan Carr is funny because he is ugly & gay and (without being homophobic) really has not much else to offer… Jonathan Ross was suspended for 12 weeks without pay over the “hilarious” skit he did on Radio with Russell Brand… Graham Norton is an amazing talent but I don’t think an Australian audience will fall about laughing because his telephone one night might be shaped like a “kitty” and he gets a world of “pussy” gags out of it. (“Are You Being Served?” did all that many many years ago).

    I appreciate what you are trying to say but we aren’t the UK and Noel Edmonds flying around a studio in a pork pie just doesn’t cut it here.

    Rove is what we have and I personally think he reflects Australia pretty well (a nobody that no one knows does good… then gets cut down savagely)… and he is still standing 10 years later.

    Scott you seem to love to cut him down… surely you have something closer to home to be more embarrassed about than a man I assume you have never even met.

  12. Kristy was at the digital radio launch in Martin Place last week, the only newsreader to be live on-site. She read the Nova news without a slip or hesitation. I noticed a wedding ring, btw. Also saw Joan Warner when she was being interviewed by Ten News. Kristy looks absolutely nothing like her mother Joan.

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