MasterChef rights could revert to Shine

Updated: MasterChef could shift from FremantleMedia to Shine, but TEN says it's staying on its channel regardless.

masterchefsUpdated: A spokesperson from FremantleMedia told TV Tonight that it has the rights to the next two series plus Celebrity MasterChef.

MasterChef could eventually have a new production company in 2012, shifting from FremantleMedia Australia to Shine Australia, the production company owned by Elisabeth Murdoch.

Shine will be helmed by Fremantle’s current bosses Mark and Carl Fennessy, launching in 2010.

Shine produces the UK MasterChef original, and Australian rights are expected to revert to the company after next year, according to The Australian. It will be interesting to look for opportunities here. Could other networks, or even Fremantle itself offer the talent another vehicle?

Wherever the show goes for production, TEN’s David Mott says it will be sticking with TEN.

As he detailed to TV Tonight last month, TEN’s programmer plans the ‘mothership’ version of the show next year and another lighter variation, possibly involving professionals or teens.

It wouldn’t be the first time a big show has switched producers. Dancing with the Stars shifted from Granada to Freehand after the BBC took interests in the company.

TEN also plans two specials featuring Hamish and Andy this year, with hints of an interest in more.

“You never know, it might move into something a bit more solid down the path,” Mott said of the duo.

Last year they hosted Hamish & Andy Re-Gifted.

Source:  The Australian

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  1. Really enjoyed season 1 of Masterchef, but … I fear it will lose the magic as further series are produced. These type of shows suffer once they become popular as the quality makes way for dumb down $$ driven ideas.

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