Murder on the dance floor

Lots of lessons in Sunday night's viewing, with Midsomer Murders upstaging the competition. And the first figures for GO!

38Sunday proved to be a telling night for many in the industry with more than a few lessons dished out by viewers.

If there was a standout performer it was Midsomer Murders on the ABC, with 1.26m viewers winning its slot and thumping the commercial competition. Nine’s Rescue: Special Ops slipped alarmingly to 878,000 in only its fourth week. The show is already set for repeat on daytimes next weekend.

As Lincoln Lewis was voted out from Dancing with the Stars (1.35m), Seven defeated Domestic Blitz 1.14m / 60 Minutes 1.04m and Australian Idol‘s 1.08m. TEN takes comfort in Idol winning the key demos, even though it slipped back further than last week.

Even Stephen Fry in America outrated Idol and 60 Minutes, nabbing 1.12m. That helped ABC push to a 20.8% share over TEN’s 19.9%.

Meanwhile everyone was waiting for the first breakout figures for GO! with its top shows being The Big Bang Theory on 204,000 and Wipeout‘s 169,000.

On a tough night GO! took a 2.8% share and 3.9% in 25-54. The real test will be mid-week when Survivor airs.

More analysis on GO! to come…

Week 35

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  1. A correction:
    Rescue has been rerunning on Sunday daytime for at least a couple of weeks now. It’s no last ditch effort.

    Nonetheless, 60 Minutes was leading with a human fish story last night. Must’ve been a slow news week.

  2. I watched Midsomer too.Bones is starting to grate on me and well Nine has nothing of interest or quality on. Idol holds no interest for me as the “weeks of audition selection are plain boring and then we have the sms voting.
    As long as ABC & SBS dish up quality stuff on Sunday nights I will stay there.

  3. @Peter

    Yes next week is the finale of Bones. The week after Dancing is expected to go till 9:30pm-10pm for its finale unless Seven decide to only have a 2 hour finale. Then the week after i am thinking Sunday Night, Border Security and Medical Emergency or Highway Patrol to return 6:30pm-8:30pm then after that maybe a huge premiere movie Seven has up its sleeve. Then the week after Bones may be fasttracked if Seven wanted to but all indications are it most likely will be held over till February or after Easter since it falls early next year.

    As for last night MM did very well.

    1. Not sure it was called a ratings success, but you’re right we have to factor in many things including the average audience for the network and the timeslot, which was 9:30 Tues last season. 878,000 while rather inglorious on Nine is a big hit on SBS. Much to consider….

  4. rove was rubbish last night… as soon as ricki-lee started to rubbish her ex-husband again (it now seems the regular thing for her to do) i turned off… glad that her new single has flopped on the charts.

  5. i think ten would be disappointed with idol, all the expensive promotion onscreen and off, the huge production costs, and it rates about what a movie rerun would.

    i wonder what bewitched will rate tomorrow. also people are ignoring how much 2.5men has been up over the last 2 weeks, i wonder how much that was inflated by GO!.

  6. Wasnt GO! supposed to be targeted at a younger audience?

    TEN coming third, after everybody was going on about aussie idol lifting them out of the post masterchef slump! I feel sorry for TEN, they try so hard…

    Wonder how dancings finale will rate in a couple of weeks. I think its season high was around the 1.5-1.6million mark. I think it can still pull those figures, even with the increased competition (mainly ABC).

    Last night bones episode was great, cant wait till next week to see what happens! Is next week the final?

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