Nine keen to lure Tom Williams

Nine's new head of entertainment, Janine Cooper, is apparently keen to snare Tom Williams from Seven.

twThere’s speculation today that Nine may try to lure ‘chippie, surfer, presenter’ Tom Williams.

Nine’s new head of entertainment, Janine Cooper, is apparently keen to snare him and even has a show in mind.

But a Seven spokesman said, “He has years to go on his contract and, what’s more, The Great Outdoors is currently back on screens for a short period.”

Williams, who previously hosted Gladiators, is also narrating Surf Patrol appears on New Idea TV and fronts Seven Media’s Healthfocus infommercials.

Source: Sunday Telegraph

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  1. No strong feelings about Tom either way, but surely changing to 9 is a bad move for anyone and they don’t seem to need new people. What they’ve done (or not done) with Tim Campbell is a waste – he didn’t even get a chance on stage at the Logies and I wonder if he wishes he’d stayed with 7. The value 9 places on Eddie McGuire and Sam Newman sums it all up for me – I don’t watch anything they’re in. As a non-AFL fan, Sam doesn’t matter but in Eddie’s case that’s a lot.

  2. steven guy says:
    August 23, 2009 at 6:47 am
    “Don’t go to the dark side, use the force Tom, use the force. 9 has a history of signing people who are never to be seen again !”

    In that case… sign away Tom… sign away…

  3. This from the woman who was head of one of the worst Logies ever (yes – Gretel) and one of the worst reality shows ever (Make me a Supermodel)

    So of course Channel Nine give her a plum gig….and her first ‘idea’ – to try and hire the supremely talented Tom Williams!


  4. Gee, I’m glad I am not the onl one to ask Why ??
    One day after “Nine cuts to target “glory days” salaries” we have Nine chasing a face who just does not appeal to me at all.
    Maybe Tom is good at something (who knows what). He can join Jules Lund, Richard wilkins et al at Nine looking nice but adding nothing to any show.
    Maybe as David keeps telling me, Jules just has not been given right show by Nine, who knows what right show is for Tom – providing inane answers on 20-1.
    Nine truly have lost the plot

  5. The first thing I thought of is why? Why would they? Don’t they already have enough new people from other networks such those awful people – Lyndsay whats-her-face and Darren McMullen that have kind of crashed and burned. But, this story has an undertone of something more than just a job at Nine. Although, don’t these stories usually end with another story a few days later when the network re-signs the personality for a few more years a la Sam Armatage wanting to go to ’60 Minutes’ and Chris Bath going to Nine. Just sounds like they want to be the ones in control over their network.

  6. don’t do it, they’ll have you host a gameshow that lasts 2 weeks, then a celeb singing show that lasts one week and then nothing.

    did anyone watch that qantas odco last night, i thought it was quite good, i thought tom did a good job as host.

  7. Sorry, Mr Williams might be a nice guy but when he pops up on my TV screen, together with that annoying voice of his, it is an immediate channel-swap for me. The Great Outdoors was always a show for the ‘beautiful people’ (so they think they are) and I, like many, refuse to watch it – and that is why it has wained in an irregular Saturday timeslot. Nine can have Tom for all I care.

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