No Leno for Comedy Channel

jay_lenoJay Leno’s new show, aptly titled The Jay Leno Show, hits American screens on September 14th, where it will shake up prime-time at the earlier timeslot of 10pm on NBC.

Jerry Seinfeld will be the a guest of the first episode while Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kanye West will perform “Run This Town.”

But the Comedy Channel in Australia isn’t picking up the show this year.

A spokesperson recently told TV Tonight the channel was already committed to Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon and soon Jimmy Kimmel.

Despite The Tonight Show with Jay Leno being a channel regular, it looks like the new show could go begging unless another channel has picked up the rights.


  1. Craig maybe it went from The Comedy Channel (Weekends only) to Bio then on to Arena, I could be totally confused here (wish I had an old Austar Guide prior to July floating around to see).

    I am even start to think Letterman was on W at some point 😆

    Anyway makes no real difference I guess, still would not be surprised if Leno turned up on Bio, unless one of teh Free To Airs has the rights (then again it could be the same as TEN’s arrangement and show Ten eps 2 days later).

  2. Why don’t we have a local nightly show like these, could Rove do 5 nights a week?

    @Johnny – could be but I’m sure he was on Arena for some time, maybe just the weekends?

  3. @ Craig.

    I do not remember Letterman being on Arena, I remember him being on the Comedy Channel Saturday and Sunday nights only, then moving to the Bio Channel for the last few years until now on the Comedy Channel … unless the weekend only shows were on Arena and I have got that mixed up … definitely was on the Bio Channel for the last few years though (was 11:30pm Mon-Fri).

    @ Andrew

    Yeah like I said I do the same with Craig Ferguson and would love too see more on TV here, pity TEN do not pick it up actually and run it after Letterman, seeing that is how it is seen in the States, his interviews are great fun and the Celebs have a ball as well (Hugh Laurie dated 5/5/2008 and Kristen Bell dated 4/18/2008 are good examples).

  4. Wait… Kimmel on comedy… awesome! I have never seen a whole show but I do really like kimmel, and clips I see are generally good.

    Leno show, put it on another channel. the way letterman used to be on arena.

    I have to say Leno has been criticised a lot over the years. From softball questions, ripping off bits. The interview of David Duchovny after his sex addiction edited to just the questions showed how lame an interviewer he was.

    The new show Jay has stepped it up. While I actually would love him to host a US version of top gear, having a segment on his new show of guests racing cars around a track and being ranked…. please who are they fooling? Some people may not get Jay walking was a rip off, but that is just so blatant they should be embarrassed.

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