Prime TV posts loss

prime_logo_1Regional broadcaster Prime Media Group is down $44.44 million in the last twelve months after being hit by the downturn in advertising.

Revenue rose 5.5 per cent to $278.86m.

In the previous twelve months its profit was $14.53m.

According to AAP, CEO Warwick Syphers said Prime’s core regional television operations had performed solidly, buoyed by the continuing strong performance of Seven Network programming.

Prime, which includes a radio arm, added that revenue for regional television is down of 5.3% across the board, but flagged signgs of improvement.

Syphers indicated the group was positioned to perform strongly as the economic outlook improved.

Source: AAP / The Australian


  1. Many TV companies around the world are reporting losses this year. That doesn’t mean they all start dumping local news. Like Seven stations, Prime’s news is no doubt a strong contribution to their ratings

  2. the news in the markets they have got must be costing them huge amounts of $$$ i wonder if they have looked at the WIN and Sth X models of either doing just updates or centralising their readers…they have already flicked the production people to save money…this can’t be good at all

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