Returning: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The View.

It's been a long wait for new Ellen, but it's on the way, along with fresh eps of The View.

EllenDeGeneresA lot of us have been waiting for this one.

New episodes of The Ellen DeGeneres Show are finally on the way.

The show has been off the air in the US over summer, and in repeat on Nine. But new eps will return at 12pm Tuesday September 8th. They will also screen thereafter on GO!

The show has been off air since June.

Meanwhile The View, which has been off since earlier this month, is back with new eps on Wednesday September 9th. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is expected to be off until mid October after giving birth to her new son.

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  1. @ Frankie Fox – we still don’t know what your view is, just that she makes you sick. Im all for free speech but if you make a statement, back it up. How about, “Ellen makes me sick because………”.
    If you want people to respond to you rationally then elaborate.

    @ KFed, Elizabeth is due to return in October. They will have guest panelists in the interim

  2. bigot no; freedom of speech yes, my comment about ellen are not as rude as yours and yes i will state my view on this forum , regardless that you think you own my right to a view P.S. you do not own any of these sites.

  3. @frankie fox – Unless u have some reason for your comment you just come across as a Bigot!… and you make me sick

    @franz chong – thats why the show is repeated

    As for the show itself we have actually been getting the same repeats as the US… as Ellen (or her staff) are still updating twitter with info on the show of the day.

  4. Not Too bad.

    Rove and Letterman Aside Ellen is one of the few talk shows most of us don’t mind watching.

    My only theory is housewives,Nightworkers who start working from 10pm onwards,The Retired and Afternoon Workers aside who is ever home to watch Ellen or Oprah.

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