Rinse and repeat

10We have a whole lot more repeating going on lately, and it’s not just TV Burp we’re talking about.

Nope, it’s new Aussie shows that are getting the replay treatment, or as they like to call it, an ‘Encore.’ Of course, the term ‘encore’ actually applies to an audience actually asking for more, so again, we’ll just stick with the word ‘repeat.’

Nine is repeating the second ep of Rescue: Special Ops just as it did for the first, plus The Farmer Wants a Wife:

Saturday Aug 15
2pm Farmer Wants a Wife Syd, Mel, Bris.
3pm Rescue: Special Ops Syd, Mel, Bris.

Sunday Aug 16
2:30pm Rescue: Special Ops Mel
3pm Rescue: Special Ops Syd, Bris.

Meanwhile Seven is also replaying City Homicide

Monday Aug 17
12pm City Homicide (2 hrs)


  1. I just caught parts of the Rescue encore (Saturday) and one thing I notice it was edited probably because of the time slot. The scene right before the ad break where the woman stands in the bath, you don’t see her backside. Anyone notice any other edits?

    IT it’s not on my must see list but I’m just watching to see if it gets better and oh didn’t Rush have someone hanging of the side of the building already. I wonder what the guys on Rescue thought when they saw that on Rush?

  2. I guess this gives people at home Saturday-Sunday arvo something better to watch than very old movies and sports.

    Perhaps if it doesn’t improve this is where Rescue; Special Ops may end up.
    I’m very disappointed with it,. Both episodes so far have started with a bang but fizzled out half way and IMHO the show appears to be badly edited.

  3. Yes but with a few problems, first they are not unmetered and I have seen some that at up to 700Mb for a single 45min ep. Second they still shows ads before the clips and yes the ep is broken into 5 parts so you have to view 5 clips each with and ad to start it off. I might as we go on YouTube and find it.

  4. Shhhhesh, if it wasn’t for ‘encore’ showings, 20 to 1 and and 2 1/2 men there sure would be a lot of dead air time!

    Come to think of it…that might be an improvement!

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