Screen Australia funds new TV projects

Fresh funding for new seasons of Elephant Princess, Who Do You Think You Are? and a true-crime drama about a woman left to die in the boot of her car.

elephantA true-crime drama about a woman locked in the boot of her car, Australian nuns taken prisoner by WWII Japanese, and new seasons of Elephant Princess and Who Do You Think You Are? -just some of the new projects given funding approval by Screen Australia.

TEN’s Hawke telemovie starring Richard Roxburgh was also a winner in the latest round of investment funding.

Foxtel’s Slide is an integrated multiplatform drama about five teens as they ‘smash their way into adulthood.’

There are also new docos for ABC, SBS and pay television channels.

The approvals are as follows:

Television Drama

Playmaker Media Pty Ltd
Producer David Maher and David Taylor
Writer Ellie Beaumont
Director Ian Watson
Sales and Distribution ITVG Global
Synopsis While Melbourne mother of two, Maria Korp, lay dying in the boot of her car, her husband, Joe Korp, pointed the finger of blame at his mistress Tania Herman. As the truth unravelled, a twisted tale of suburban swingers‚ grand scale deception and murder emerged, which shocked Australia. This is the shocking and macabre story of Maria: The Woman In The Boot.

The Film Company
Executive Producers Rick Maier, David Parker
Producer Richard Keddie
Writer Glen Dolman
Director Emma Freeman
Broadcaster Network Ten
Sales and Distribution ABC Commercial
Synopsis The story of Australia’s most-loved Prime Minister as he faces his greatest challenge: a battle within his own party. As he fights for his life, we discover his incredible transformation from the alcoholic, womanising but brilliant trade union president to a polished, egalitarian and visionary world leader.

Pericles Film Productions Pty Ltd
Producer Andrew Wiseman
Writer John Misto
Sales and Distribution DCD Rights, ABC Commercial
Synopsis Sisters of War is inspired by the true story of a small group of Australian nurses and nuns who found themselves in the eye of the storm when the Japanese military made them prisoners of war on the remote island of New Britain in 1942. It is a tale of strength, survival and forgiveness.

Slide Films Pty Ltd
Producers David Maher, David Taylor, Nathan Mayfield, Tracey Robertson, Ross Crowley
Writers Keith Thompson, Michael Lucas
Broadcaster Foxtel
Sales and Distribution Fremantle Media Enterprises
Synopsis Slide is an exciting integrated multiplatform drama experience and tracks five teens as they smash their way into adulthood. When you’re 17, life can turn in 24 hours and for Bryan, Tammy, Luke, Linda and Eva this will be the transformative time of their lives. They’ve got 10 weeks, each other and a lift home from mum when they need it. Slide: survive your teenage years with a smile.

Children’s Television

Elephant Princess SERIES 2
Jonathan M Shiff Productions Pty Ltd
Executive Producers Jonathan M Shiff, Julia Adams
Story Producers Chris Roache, Joss King
Writers Simon Butters, Sam Carroll, Max Dann, Joss King, Anthony Morris, Chris Roache
Directors Colin Budds, Grant Brown
Sales and Distribution Network Ten, Disney Channel, ZDF, ZDF Enterprises
Synopsis In an epic battle to defend her Kingdom from Dark Magic and the evil witch Diva, modern teenage girl Alex Wilson falls in love with Caleb, a strikingly handsome boy with a dangerous secret.

Documentaries – Domestic Door

Shoebox Films
Executive Producer Pat Fiske
Producer/Director John Mulders
Broadcaster Foxtel
Sales and Distribution Foxtel
Synopsis A lone Dutch explorer lands on Australia’s northern coast in 1606, charting over 300 kilometres, yet Australians still revere Cook as their discoverer.

Accentuate the Positive
Iris Pictures
Producer Jessica Douglas Henry
Director John Janson-Moore
Broadcaster ABC TV
Sales and Distribution ABC Commercial
Synopsis Follows the introduction of the philosophy of positive education into the school curriculum at Geelong Grammar School, focusing on the experiences of Year 9 students at the unique Timbertop campus in rural Victoria.

From the Ashes
Carbon Media Events Pty Ltd
Producer Helen Morrison
Field Producer Donald Johannessen
Director Dean Gibson
Broadcaster ABC TV
Sales and Distribution ABC Commercial
Synopsis Two young Indigenous Australian cricketers travel to England as part of a team to retrace the first ever Australian Cricket Tour of 1868, in a journey of self-discovery and extraordinary Indigenous heritage.

The Tragedy of the Montevideo Maru
Montevideo Maru Pty Ltd
Producers John Schindler, Bob Blasdall
Director Dick Marks
Broadcaster Foxtel History Channel
Sales and Distribution Montevideo Maru Pty Ltd
Synopsis At the bottom of the South China Sea lies the wreck of Australia’s greatest ever maritime tragedy. One thousand and fifty-three young men and boys, military personnel and civilians, forever entombed in the hold of a Japanese prison ship.

Who Do You Think You Are 3
WhoThree Pty Ltd
Executive Producers Brian Beaton, Margie Bryant
Series Producer Celia Tait
Broadcaster SBS TV
Sales and Distribution Outright, SBS
Synopsis Well-known Australians play detective as they go in search of their family history, revealing secrets from the past.

Documentaries – International Door

The Nomad Trail
Orana Films Nomad Pty Ltd
Producer/Director Richard Dennison
Series Directors Richard Dennison, Malcolm Macdonald, Mike Balson, Tim Cope
Broadcaster ABC TV, ZDF/ARTE
Sales and Distribution ABC Commercial
Synopsis The Nomad Trail follows Tim Cope’s remarkable journey over three-and-a-half years as he ‘re-rides’ history from Mongolia to Hungary on the trail of mounted nomad warriors.

Sales, Seduction and Sex
Essential Media and Entertainment
Executive Producer Chris Hilton
Producers Sonja Armstrong, Christine Le Goff
Director Sally Aitken
Broadcaster SBS TV, Arte France
Sales and Distribution RDF, Essential Media, Telfrance
Synopsis Sales, Seduction and Sex – How Shopping was Invented is an intriguing story arguing that the department store is one of the greatest inventions to come out of the industrial revolution, and spawned the rise of consumerism and the modern shopping mall.

Skin Deep
Electric Pictures
Producers Andrew Ogilvie, Andrea Quesnelle, Marco Visalberghi
Director Franco Di Chiera
Broadcaster SBS, Arte France, RAI, WDR
Sales and Distribution,ABC Content Sales
Synopsis Skin Deep is a global journey to discover the origin of human skin colours, drawing on exciting scientific research that not only sheds new light on the human rainbow, but challenges traditional notions of race.

Storm Surfers 2
6ixty Foot Films Pty Ltd with Firelight Productions
Producer Marcus Gillezeau
Producer/Director/Writer Chris Nelius
Co-Director Justin McMillan
Line Producer Ellenor Cox
Broadcaster Discovery Network Asia
Sales and Distribution Off the Fence
Synopsis Storm Surfers 2 follows big wave surf legends Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll as they hunt down the world’s biggest waves off the coast of New Zealand.

National Documentary Program

December Films, Wawili Pitjas Pty Ltd
Executive Producer Stephen Amezdroz
Producer Tony Wright, Eileen Torres
Director Mitch Torres
Broadcaster ABC
Synopsis The thrilling story of the great warrior, Jandamarra, who turned from police assistant to resistance fighter, leading his people against the white forces invading their land.

Source: Screen Australia

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