Shelley Long back to series TV

Shelley Long has signed on to play the ex-wife of Ed O'Neill in Modern Family to air on TEN.

slShelley Long, best known for playing Diane Chambers on Cheers, has signed on to play the ex-wife of Ed O’Neill (Married…with Children) in Modern Family.

Long will play Dede Pritchett, described as somewhat “fragile” and “searching for herself in the world.” She will arrive in town when Jay (O’Neill) marries his much-hotter and much-younger new wife Gloria (Sofía Vergara).

According to producers, although Dede’s original intentions are to right a wrong she committed before leaving the picture, she’ll instead make a huge scene at Jay’s nuptials after downing a little booze.

The series will air in Australia on TEN.

As Programmer David Mott recently told TV Tonight: “It’s multicamera, about an eclectic group of people in a suburb. It’s through the eyes of a German camera crew who don’t feature in it. It’s about a group of individuals and how they intertwine with each other. It is a drop-dead riot. You have to see it to believe it.”

Modern Family is executive produced by Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd (Frasier, Wings, Cheers).

Source: The Wrap, Comedy Centric

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  1. Having seen some promo videos of new shows coming from the USA it seems we have some good ones to look forward to. Cougar Town, Hank look great and this Modern Family looks hilarious. There was also a promo of a show or film called Parental Discretion Advised which looks absolutely delightdful. I hope they don,t take too long to come to the UK on Sky. We,ll never see them on the BBC because they are set in the present not a 150 years ago and of course American.

  2. Really really great news that Shelley Long is back in a new series and by the look of the promo video its a good series. Welcome back Shelley anfd if you are as good in this as you were in Cheers you,ll enjoy it and no Carla Tortelli. wonder when it will come to theUK

  3. In 2008, it was Back To You, in 2009 it was The Mentalist, but in 2010, Modern Family will be the program from the US that I will be looking forward to the absolute most. Lets just hope that this doesn’t end nearly as early as Back To You.

    Though I must say that Hank will be another show that I’ll be interested in, but with that going to Nine I’m not going to get my hopes up too high and we all know why!

  4. “make a huge scene at Jay’s nuptials after downing a little booze”…. I hate it when actors try to play drunk and end up doing it poorly. 2.5men do it almost every time I tune in. Also this sounds exactly what the Lynn Scully character is doing this comback to Ramsay St.

  5. really looking forward to this show. Its set to be one of the top comedies to come out of this US season along with Cogur Town. I hope Ten air it at 8pm after The Biggest Loser/Masterchef to giver it a good chance of surviving.

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