Simpsons producer: “All other animated shows ever are crap!”

Was David Mirkin really serious when he dissed everything else that has ever been animated?

nelson-muntzExecutive Producer of The Simpsons David Mirkin says that with the greatest of respect “all other animated shows ever are crap!”

Ever? Sheesh, don’t tell that to The Flinstones, Scooby Doo or Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies were classics too, but made for cinema. And where does this leave The Gary Coleman Show? Ok cancel, that…

In an interview with Digital Spy in the UK, Mirkin also hinted at wanting an end to the show. But was he particularly serious?

Groening said that he doesn’t see an ending in sight for the show. Do you agree?
“I pray for an end! I would like to meet another human being who doesn’t work on the show! And maybe say ‘hi’ to a girl. It’s all up to the fans – as long as they’re telling us that they’re happy, they like it and they want more, our feeling is that we will endeavour to give them new stuff. It’s a challenge after 500 episodes to keep it fresh and keep it new, and we spend an enormous amount of time trying to do just that. I think the secret is that The Simpsons does all different kinds of stuff. One week it’s romantic comedy, then it’s science fiction, then it’s an action adventure, and then it’s a kids’ story with Bart – there are so many different genres, plus 60 different speaking roles and guest voices on top of that.”

Do you think there’s a similar animated show that could rival the long run that The Simpsons has had?
“I say this with the greatest respect, but all other animated shows ever are crap! I have to say, some shows we don’t appreciate too much, but there are some that are brilliant. South Park has a very long run and it’s still brilliantly funny and inventive. I see that running for a long time, but I’m very sure that it could never come anywhere near us – I’m pretty comfortable in that!”

What about Futurama?
“It would be hard for it to catch up with us because of how much it costs, but Futurama is a show that can’t get killed! it’s a show that keeps coming back from the dead and no matter how many letters I write, it keeps coming back!”

You can check out more at: Digital Spy

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