The Punch launches TV show

boxing_gloveRecently launched commentator blog The Punch, which features an array of contributing writers in politics, business, media, entertainment and sport, unveils a television version, Punch TV, on Sky News channel today.

Taking “an alternative look at the big issue of the day,” its first episode airs at 12:30pm with a panel including deputy editor Tory Maguire, Punch sports columnists Luke McIlveen and David Penberthy.

Occasional contributor Kate Ellis is guest.

The 30 minute show will air each Thursday.

Source: The Punch


  1. Why dont Sky News get there act together and put more shows like this in prime time on a regular basis. 24/7 rolling news makes this channel very stale.

  2. @chrissyboy Yes I agree, wish 180 was on more nights each week.

    The Punch was pretty scratchy today but the host was obviously nervous for his first show.

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