The Wire comes to ABC

18Universally acclaimed drama The Wire will screen on ABC2 from next month.

The US series, which looks at the war on drugs in Baltimore, will screen in double episodes from the first series. They have previously aired on Nine.

Episodes 1 & 2 will screen at 9:30pm Tuesday September 1st. They will be repeated Saturday nights at 10:05pm.

Each series of The Wire focusses on a different facet of the city of Baltimore. The cast features Dominic West (pictured) as Det. James McNulty, who makes the mistake of telling a judge that a string of murders has gone unpunished because a local drug gang has intimidated witnesses. When the judge blames the police for mishandling the case, superiors blame McNulty for showing them up.

Nine still has the fifth series yet to premiere.


  1. brissy guy, I have seen seasons 1 – 4 for sale for no more than $20 each. I have seen this price in sanity, big w and kmart. and more and more stores are stocking it after Barrack Obama said it was his favourite show

  2. I saw season 5 of the Wire from the Australian Itunes Store. It has to be one of the best tv shows never seen on Australian tv. Also recently watched the 1st season of Homocide life on the streets – also about the Baltimore Police Department. I never caught this show when it was on tv the first time but if you are looking for a wire fix then i would also recommend this show. One episode of the wire in season 5 has a scene that is obviously a homage to an almost identical scene in season 1 of Homocide involving an interrogation using a photocopier as a “lie detector” . Quite funny.

  3. fantastic news. After a few mates telling me about it, i bought season 1 on dvd (at a v cheap price) and got hooked. The only thing that has stopped me gettign into the series further than season 1 is that the seasons on dvd are so bloody expensive to buy – even in JB hifi (which is where i got the first season for a quarted the asking price of the other seasons). I think ABC2 is my favorite tv channel !

  4. This is good news. Nine is useless at screening any shows. But like ‘Matt F’ said, are these going to be uncut episodes? If they are edited for language, content, etc., ABC2 shouldn’t waste their time – or ours.

  5. Here here David S, channel 9 are poor at best when dealing with quality drama. Mind you, it was a normal channel 9 programming decision which put me onto the wire. I had set my pvr to record the sopranos one night but nein replaced it at the last minute with an ep of the wire from season 3. Once I saw that I was hooked.

  6. RichoTB – Don’t get sucked into the Freeview rubbish. Any HD set top/pvr box will give you all the digital channels that are broadcast. Freeview is nothing but a marketing tool to make the general public buy ‘Freeview’ branded boxes.

  7. I’m watching this on DVD at the moment, simply a fantastic series. Hooray for the ABC who are once again showing up Nine’s criminal incompetence, as they did by reshowing the West Wing properly and consistently as it was meant to be seen. If 9:30’s too late for you then fire up your DVR and record it, heck this series is worth buying a DVR for!

  8. I think its about time I upgraded to Freeview. I’ve heard good things about this show, it might finally be worthwhile to get those extra channels.

  9. 9.30 is a late start for Double episodes 🙁 Though I suppose classification restrictions would stop them airing it at 8.30. Still Doubles? Why burn them off so fast….I should just be grateful its on.

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