Top Gear fans get a scare

Jeremy-ClarksonUK Top Gear fans were despairing the show might be over, when Jeremy Clarkson finished an episode of Series 13 with the words, “This feels like an ending.”

Twitter was awash with fears that Clarkson had delivered a veiled message to fans, hinting that the show’ reign might be over.

But the BBC has allayed their concerns, saying saying it would have made a public statement in advance if the franchise was concluding.

Clarkson had been taking the new V12 Aston Martin Vantage out for a spin through country fields, commenting on how such cars may have had their day in a world where economic pressures and safety concerns are more of a focus than enjoyment and style.

After Clarkson noted, “This feels like an ending,” one blogger asked: “Did I just hear a eulogy for the programme that’s built around the beauty of the car, a beauty that Jeremy’s just said is itself coming to a forced and bitter end?”

A BBC spokeswoman insisted that Clarkson’s closing remark referred to the car and not the show.

Source: Guardian


  1. The pronunciation they used is Not correct, Bathurst (NSW) was named after
    the British Colonial Secretary Lord Bathurst, and if you check Debrett’s guide to (British) surnames, it tells you that “Bathurst” is pronounced “Bath-urst (‘a’ as in ‘cat’)”.

  2. @craig. Although I dislike the way they say “Baaaaathurst”, technically they’re correct. When we use a Bath we don’t make it sound like Bathurst we call it the bath like they’re pronunciation. It’s us that’s bastarized the use of the word. Anyway, I loved the ending and don’t get why everyone got so upset about it’s possible demise. It was a beautifully put together clip with Brian Eno music. My only complaint this season was the lack of the airport vehicle racing shown in the series teaser on episode 1.

  3. It was a strange ending but earlier in the episode Jeremy had mentioned the next series in November when he jokingly said Michael Schumacher would be available for his Stig duties as the F1 season would’ve finished.

  4. Yeah, was definitely a great episode.
    Great too see the Holden Maloo R8 and Vauxhall VR8 Bathurst (pronunciation bugged me aswell)

    It gave me a fright at the start of the episode when Jeremy said this was the last episode in the series, then with that ending I had to make sure the show hadnt finished.

    It’s good to know he meant series as season and the show will continue.

    Bring on season 14.

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