Trailer: Smallville

eternal5Clark Kent is somewhere in this look at the ninth season of Smallville, just not as the superboy we usually recognise.

The series is maturing its central character, and will begin to show glimpses of Superman‘s “iconic ‘S'” featured significantly throughout the season. His suit will be black, with a silver Superman “S” on the front, as well a trench coat that doubles as a cape.

This season’s theme is “Clark’s darkest hour”, and will be about him “embracing the fact that he is an alien”.

The writers are not “story-wise, approaching this season as Smallville‘s last.”


  1. Why did channel 10 cancel this show?
    They have devoted a whole channel to “Sport”
    (People playing games) surely they could donate an hour a week to Smallville.
    There are also heaps of repeats of really bad shows that I believe very few would watch

  2. I didn’t know about a possible 10th season, that must be some kind of record…

    I doubt TEN will let go of this one, even if they are not showing it but maybe they haven’t got the rights to the new season? It could be good on GO!

  3. Nine sold the show to Ten, who screened a lot of it, then moved it to 10HD when the Aus ratings declined, but Nine need to get it back to screen on GO!. It’d depend whether there was a time frame clause when Nine sold it to them, but there’s nothing for Ten to gain to be difficult, after they foolishly ditched 10HD One HD that should’ve been set up as a standard digital channel.

  4. is that lena headley / sara connor from Sara connor chronicles (in addition to “Derek reese”) ?

    I might actually be interested in Smallville again – after C9 getting me dis-interested in it.

  5. The whole Jimmy Olsen thing they did last season was hilariously bad writing. I’m surprised this show has been on for almost a decade…time to put it out of its misery.

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