Ukraine’s got real talent

Kseniya-Simonova-001Forget about warbling kids, dancing dogs, and even housewife superstars…. Ukraine has really got talent.

Kseniya Simonova has won Ukraine’s Got Talent with her brilliant skills in sand animation. Intrigued? Wait until you see her in action.

This needs no explanation except to say she in this extensive live television moment Simonova recounts Germany conquering Ukraine in the second world war.

Stunning. Stuff.


  1. Wow, now that is talent ! Its amazing how easy she makes it look and I couldn’t see a single grain of sand out of place. Imagine how many hours of fun she would have at the beach.

  2. What a magnificent find, David. Incredibly moving and mesmerising from the get go. This performance really showcases the appallingness of the Australian version of the programme. 😛

  3. Thanks for bringing this amazing performance to our attention David.
    It was also a bit of a surprise to hear a Metallica song feature in it too. Quite a nice variation of it too.

  4. I watched this a few days ago, and I have this information on it for those that do not understand Russian:

    It starts with the original radio announcement on June 22, 1941 German army invading the Soviet Union. Followed by very popular songs written about the WWII. In short, it’s a story about a woman that loses her loved one in that war, but their child is a memory of their love. The last words are: “You are always near me”.

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