Ukraine’s got real talent

Kseniya-Simonova-001Forget about warbling kids, dancing dogs, and even housewife superstars…. Ukraine has really got talent.

Kseniya Simonova has won Ukraine’s Got Talent with her brilliant skills in sand animation. Intrigued? Wait until you see her in action.

This needs no explanation except to say she in this extensive live television moment Simonova recounts Germany conquering Ukraine in the second world war.

Stunning. Stuff.


  1. Truly fantastic, but please everyone, don’t get confused that Russia and Ukraine are the same thing.
    They’re not, and it is very offensive to Ukrainians.
    We are our own People and have been fighting for our independence for ever, it seems.
    Let’s not forget that….

  2. that was ridiculous… it made me cry! that is the most heartwhrenching stuff i’ve seen!thanks GuanoLad! this is why i love memories, you never know which emotion it will provoke. I’m going to copy and paste what GuanoLad had done so that it remains on the front page for future viewers to read:
    this information on it for those that do not understand Russian:

    It starts with the original radio announcement on June 22, 1941 German army invading the Soviet Union. Followed by very popular songs written about the WWII. In short, it’s a story about a woman that loses her loved one in that war, but their child is a memory of their love. The last words are: “You are always near me”.


  3. What an outstanding, beautiful way to tell a story!!! Her artwork is incredible. Did anyone else notice how stunningly beautiful her hair is in a few overhead shots? It’s as lovely a work of art as her sand painting!!

  4. Margarita Dimitrova

    This girl is out of this world !!! Most importantly is the message! Russians, be proud if your heritage and history! You are amazing people! So rich is the Russian soul. Please, keep your country pure of foreign influence!

    Love the Russian literature, science, art!
    Love this girl!

  5. Utterly Breathtaking, I didn’t look away once whilst watching it, Amazing, she should go on a World tour. Do they put the Grand finalist of each Countries, Got Talent show up against each other?. If They Don’t they Should, and she should Win it all.

  6. Hollister Guy is a disgraceful, distasteful moron. How embarrassing and unfortunate for him that he is not able to process anything intellectually.

  7. Saw a mention of this in the Sunday Telegraph today (including a credit to you, David). Don’t know how I missed it on the site the first time round!

  8. This is beautiful and moving! Both of my grandfathers died in the war fighting for Ukraine, it is something both of my parents who currently live in Ukraine cried over. This is amazing, true talent that also sends a message. She needs to be recognized! It is so original!!!!

  9. Stunningly brilliant… Easily one of the most talented people I have ever had the pleasure of watching in action… I’ve never seen talent like this before… Incredible… Thanks a lot for posting about it…

  10. This puts everything on Australia’s Got Talent to shame …
    It also puts the media to shame. Why does Susan Boyle get internationally recognised while this women doesn’t even get a mention? Kseniya’s work is unique in a way that no singer can be. Truely exceptional

  11. thank you for posting that video david. incredible. its a shame how on australia’s got talent a grandmother who can play the spoons makes the finals.

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