1. @ Tom Morgan “I predict nine news will be number 1 by 2011”. By 2011????
    A week is a long time in TV land. 16 months isn’t even on the radar.

  2. You may be right Tom, but at present Seven’s shows are rating well, Ten is on the verge of launching some new shows that may or may not work for them and Nine simply has nothing that appeals to anyone under the the age of 60 and the network is being run as if it’s a sheltered workshop.

  3. Nine aren’t doing well, they’ve slipped from their hit series (Underbelly) and Ten have some hangover too. Just because has a bad night of programming means little if it’s just that. Having NRL in eastern states and AFL in the rest ain’t exactly an easy night for anybody let alone the youth station.

  4. I dont get why everyone calls nine a joke. It’s doing well as opposed to earlier this year, and i think nine is getting better slowly. Maybe sometime in the future, nine can once more boast its “still the one” slogan.As for ten, absolute fail. Movies could do better than tens friday. as for seven, its winning back to back weekly wins, which is not unsual. I stil think that 7 being “the one” doesnt seem right. And, with double take and tv burp, 7s lowering its standards. i predict the network will collapse in ratings soon as many of its shows are getting boring.
    I predict nine news will be number 1 by 2011.

  5. I notice that the return of The Great Outdoors crashed against Australia’s Funniest Home Videos Show, while its rival Getaway was Thursday’s second most watched program. Why do people prefer Getaway over The Great Outdoors???

  6. If SBS had the final test in the Ashes on last night Ten may have even finished last.. Next Friday they do so look out next week. It’s amazing how their schedule has just completely collapsed without Masterchef. Maybe Ten should’ve shown the Idol auditions all week instead of just on Sunday. It’s a shame The 7PM Project hasn’t improved in the ratings because it has definitely improved in quality.

  7. boy do ten need to change their fridays!!! dance is just not working which is a shame cause there are some really good dances on it. they need to show either movies, simpsons repeats, even medium would rate better than dance!!

  8. @ Jed, The AFL usually starts between 11- 11.30 pm on Friday nights in Syd/Bris and at 7.30pm on Saturday nights when the much unloved Swans are playing. Very few are interested, as tonights published ratings will attest tomorrow.

  9. I would say the advertisers would prefer the maximum number of viewers Ravi, as against the ranking…….more viewers, hopefully more product sales. Also, was George Gently as good as the ratings indicate, or did Martin Shaw simply play himself as usual?

  10. @Trev . yes but from a network point of view would they rather have a show that is higher up the ‘ranking list but low in ratings or lower in the rankings but higher ratings?

    EG Neighbours – Wednesday – 21st with 800,000 or

    Friday 15th with 679,000

  11. I’m still 50/50 about 7pm project. I think TEN needs it but at what expense to it’s ratings? TEN really needs to do something on Fridays, maybe a few big movies and not the endless re-run of About a Boy!

  12. @ Ravi, Friday night’s audience is always smaller as a large percentage usually partake of the odd drop of firewater and a dodgy taco or kebab before arriving home from work to collapse in a heap on the lounge.

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