1. Is AFL shown at 8.30 in Sydney and Brisbane??? I always thought it was shown late at night which is why i don’t get why the ratings show AFL results for all 5 cities, yet NRL ratings don’t include all cities. I know both NRL games are shown in Adelaide around midnight so why aren’t these included, or is because these technically start the next day??

  2. Which is more important ranking or ratings? I notice Neighbours’ figures drop from Wednesday onwards yet their position goes from 21’st most watched to 15th?

  3. TEN need to act fast on their Fridays. This week they single handedly dropped 1.3% due to Friday. Simpsons repeats and movies would do better than the 14.6% of Neighbours, 7PM and SYTYCD. Shocking.

  4. @ducko …….if you don’t like them, Don’t watch them.
    It amazes me how many people like you want to put crap on shows but have no other constructive comments to make.

  5. @Ducko

    Ive not seen Double Take, so I cant comment on that.

    When TV Burp started on 7 I wondered if it could be as good as the UK version, and for the first 3 episodes its was, this 4th episode on the other hand simply awful.

    I dont know how many episodes 7 has ordered, but it needs to make sure that future episodes are much better than the last.

  6. @ warmdue,

    I agree. Everybody has bagged Double Take & praised TV Burp. They’re as bad as each other in my opinion. Actually, I think DT is slightly better.

  7. It’s a long way to the top if you wanna Rock’n’Roll. If Nine is such a shocking network, which I believe it to be, where does that leave Ten. With Friday figures like that, even Masterchef would not be able to save it..Their two top shows were Neighbours and The 7pm Project….oh the shame! Check out tonights figures Sunday morning, they’ll be even worse.

  8. Wow. ABC beat Ten by 5.8% and Ten’s highest rating show for the night is Neighbours! I know it’s a friday night and they get slaughtered by Seven in the AFL states, but surely Ten can’t keep their fridays like it is with results like that.

  9. tv burp is a great show but the ratings are dwindling, so I hope more people see it at 8:30 nxt wk so 7 can keep it or it will be axed just like double take, and I really feel sorry for the people who watch two and a half men and 20 to 1 where recycled shows are the norm at that channel called 9!, at least 7 trys new programs and they have nearly success with all there programs that they produce, I don’t watch 9 anymore what a joke of a network!

  10. Great to see Rush 5th again. TENs Thursdays arent that bad, they will be strengthened once Glee comes along and the show that fills the 7.30 timeslot whatever it may be. Footy Shows great.

  11. ducko – you make a very good point about the 7PM Project – it would probably appeal a lot more if it was on late at night and was billed as a satirical look at the day’s news and didn’t stray into serious news coverage. How this show in its current format can possibly take itself seriously is beyond me? – You’ve got a jerky cluttered set, hand held camera actions, resident comedians just itching to make whatever situation comes before them funny and a former newsreader who’s style and presentation was half the reason we laughed at her on Rove.

    The producers need to rethink the whole format if it’s going to survive!

    I hear that Vile and Tacky O are returning to the airwaves next Tuesday – expect ACA and Today Tonight to be going ballistic over gets the scoop interviews with those two. Let’s see how long the dreadful radio duo last before another controversy brings them back under the microscope! Now that he’s not a judge I wonder if Vile will have any of the Australian idol finalists on his show as he has in previous years – knowing Vile I doubt it!

  12. In regards to last night’s ratings, in Adelaide Amazing Race started at 8pm, with a double episode of H&A due to footy tomorrow night. Which meant TV Burp started at 9 and Double take at 9.30. So next week might give a better indication with the new timeslots. I expect TV Burp to do better. Because of the times i recorded Rush and watched Seven’s shows, and TV Burp is a good show, so i do hope they keep it. I would like to see double Amazing Race though so we get the new season sooner.

  13. Ill say it again – the 7pm Project is dead. Everything about this program is wrong,esp. its timeslot. If it were the 10pm Project it may have a chance & its ratings would be acceptable.

  14. Sorry to see the ratings for TV Burp slide, as it is a rough diamond of a show. I love it! I think Seven needs to take drastic action in the form of double Amazing Race, then TVB and DT at 9:30 and 10:00. I would actually love for that to happen! Then hopefully we get TAR Season 15 sooner, which starts in the US on September 27.

  15. Re TV Burp:

    Pietro – I hope they keep it but you’d have to think it’ll be in a later timeslot, wouldn’t you? Those numbers are not tolerable in an 8.30pm slot. Literally 500,000 viewers behind 20-1.

    PD – I agree there are some ‘family type viewing’ people who would watch TV Burp before Double Take but not afterwards because DT might be too racey for them.

    But on your other point – of course the lower ratings are because of the timeslot switch. The numbers don’t lie: TVB massively down on where DT was in the same slot; and the drop off from TVB to DT was much, much less than when TVB was on second and DT was on first. Indeed, as I pointed, even at 9pm, DT had more viewers in Sydney than TVB had at 8.30pm. There’s no question that, as a matter of pure mathematics, the switch was a major error of judgement by Seven.

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